I tried the Rare Beauty mascara and my lashes are *very* grateful

I put the Rare Beauty mascara to the test and I think it deserves more hype....

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My Imperfect Life Verdict

This mascara does exactly what it promises, delivering on the volume front without being clumpy or flaky!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    First of all, the packaging is gorg

  • +

    It elongates and fans out the lashes without being clumpy

  • +

    Lasts all day, no flaking to be found

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Wish it came in a brown shade

  • -

    The wand is on the larger side (can be messy during application)

  • -

    On the pricier side for a mascara...

I tried the Rare Beauty mascara as a lover of natural-looking, perfectly fanned-out lashes—and personally, I think it deserves a bit more love and attention...

It's safe to say that finding your go-to, daily mascara is just as important as selecting your best non-comedogenic foundation or ride-or-die sunscreen for your face. It's a very personal journey and one none of us beauty enthusiasts take lightly—especially when there's so much choice.

Do you opt for waterproof, brown, lengthening, or super volumizing? And how can you tell which of the best mascaras will deliver lusciously long lashes, without that pesky mascara flaking all over your cheeks before you drop your hard-earned cash on them? All very important questions.

Which is why I've done the leg work for you when it comes to the Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes mascara, wearing it on the daily, seven days a week. And much like with the Rare Beauty Tinted moisturizer, I have some thoughts...

A beauty writer's honest review of the Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes mascara

So, for anyone looking to splurge on some of Selena Gomez's viral Rare products (like the Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer) here are a few answers to any potential burning questions, plus a quick rundown of my makeup preferences, so you can determine if this mascara might also tick a few of your boxes.

My makeup preferences

Personally, I keep my makeup pretty natural. For my base I wear a glow filter (usually Charlotte Tilbury's Flawless filter), followed by Armani's Luminous Silk foundation, eyebrow gel, blush and highlighter.

Eye-wise, I keep it pretty minimal, just opting for mascara on a normal day—sometimes I pair it with an all-over eyeshadow, but I'm not really an eyeliner gal, despite there being some great eyeliners for beginners out there. So, I rely on my mascara to make me look awake and somewhat put together, while still keeping it natural—so preferably, no clumps in sight.

Is the Rare Beauty mascara waterproof?

Now, onto the key info, is the Rare Mascara waterproof? 

It's described as having a 'water-resistant formula,' so theoretically it should be able to withstand getting caught in a surprise rain shower or a gentle cry sesh. Technically though, it's not fully waterproof—but personally, I prefer that as it's easier to remove with a makeup remover or micellar water, without needing to be too vigorous.

How to apply the Rare Beauty mascara

To apply this mascara, I'd recommend curling your lashes first with your preferred eyelash curler, before then gently wiggling the mascara wand from side to side as you stroke up along your lashes, from root to tip. This side-to-side motion will feather out your lashes and will help to get an even coating on your lashes and avoid clumps.

What's in the Rare Beauty mascara?

This mascara is formulated with castor oil, which helps to condition and nourish your lashes—plus it's vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, ophthalmologist-tested, dermatologist-tested and suitable for anyone with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

My Imperfect Life's verdict on the Rare Beauty mascara

So, is this Rare Beauty mascara good? My answer is yes. It does everything it promises to do—it's buildable, comfortable, volumizing and lasts all day without smudging.

I've worn it every day, seven days a week, for over a month, and haven't experienced any transferring or flaking. I'm also a big fan of its chunky tube, with its soft, matte pink finish. It feels expensive and looks soo cute in my makeup bag.

It's also easy to apply, even with a slightly large wand, which I wouldn't necessarily have gone for, but actually didn't find it in any way messy or hard to handle. In fact, with every use, it leaves my lashes looking lengthened, voluminous and curled up—and it lasts all day long, so everything you can really ask of a mascara. The formula itself feels great on the lashes as well, not super stiff or brittle.

Naomi Jamieson wearing the Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes mascara/ in a pink template

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Personally, I'm not a fan of waterproof mascaras because they're hard to remove, and as someone with sensitive eyes, I try to avoid rubbing my eyes too vigorously—something that's often unavoidable when it comes to water-wicking formulas. This Rare Beauty mascara fends off moisture well (from tears and even sweat from a gym sesh) but comes off like a dream with a bit of micellar water.

My main gripe with this product though, is that it's only available in black—if this came in a soft brown shade, it would be a real game-changer. There's also the question of the price...

This mascara will set you back $20 (£22) which is pretty pricey for a mascara. That being said—like with all of Rare's line-up—the amount of product you get for the money is generous since the tube is pretty chunky.

So, my final verdict: it's great and if you've been hunting far and wide for a mascara that is both gentle on your eyes but still delivers length and volume, this could be one to try. I will say this though, there are other mascaras out there that are comparable and more inexpensive on the market, but if you're a Selena stan looking to make another (or your first) Rare Beauty purchase, I'd definitely recommend it for the cute tube alone!

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