The best 02/22/22 memes that make the most of this magical Twosday

Seeing double? 02/22/22 memes can certainly pack a punch

Holding an inflatable number 2 gold-colored balloon on a white background, 02/22/22 meme
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The most magical day of the century is here, and 02/22/22 memes, naturally, have taken over. 

February 22, 2022, falls on a Tuesday, or should we say Twosday, and coincidentally happens to be Taco Tuesday. We are so enthralled by this concept that we practically forgot it's also National Margarita Day in the U.S. 

Consider us all slightly obsessed with this numerological gem. As you're waiting for a magical moment to happen, or figuring out how to celebrate 2/22/22 appropriately, have a look at the funniest memes that perfectly capture our feelings about the palindrome.

Our favorite 02/22/22 memes:

Naturally, it didn't take long for the internet to do its thing. In typical virtual fashion, LOL-worthy moments have begun taking up real estate in newsfeeds thanks to the plethora of twos on the calendar.

Some of us are totally thrilled with this important date, while others are, well, not quite as impressed. Courtesy of trending hashtags on TikTok, Twitter and beyond, here are a few funny moments that will make your day all the more enjoyable.

No one likes Tuesday, but *TWOSDAY*...

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02/22/2022: Our minds are blown

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Seeing double, Spider-Man?

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Expecting all-things wonderful on Twosday

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Twosday activities: celebrating like Ash


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Don't ring in 2.22.22 like this kiddo

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What to expect from the palindrome

When the palindrome does not live up to expectations

Though satisfying to see on calendars and phones, February 22, 2022, is also supposed to be a fortuitous time, or so we've been led to believe. Many seem to think it's a day that will bring immense luck in the form of a twin flame, career highs or financial perks. (A date so rare has to bring about something lucky, right?!)

Numerologists and astrologers, however, have dug a bit deeper into this notion and expressed a slightly different viewpoint than pop culture. 

"The energy is all about finding balance and working together," says astrologer Nina Kahn. "It's a great time to connect." 

Kahn explains that we might not necessarily feel this energy all at once, and it's possible that nothing earth-shattering will come our way. But that's OK and totally normal. It's likely that when meditating and reflecting, you'll look for balance and harmony within your own life, whatever that means to you. 

Then, there are some pros who say that Twosday has nothing to do with twos at all. (Yes, believe it.) Numerologist and life coach Ann Perry insists that after breaking down the date, 02/22/2022, we do not arrive at two, but either three, six or eight, all of which have different meanings in numerology, including but not limited to self-worth, power, perfectionism and family.

Regardless of what you believe or how you choose to capture the energy of 2/22/2022, do enjoy the day and peruse the hilarious memes. If you're waiting on a sign from the universe for another significant moment, check out all of the important astrology events in 2022!

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