How to celebrate 2/22/22 and what this date *really* means

'Numerology is a code. We have to look at the whole thing and not take it at face value,' says numerologist Ann Perry

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Calendars have been marked, alarms have been set and the mystics among us have started to wonder how to celebrate 2/22/22. 

February 22, 2022—which coincidentally happens to fall on a Tuesday—holds plenty of significance, but the power of the two's is debatable. 

While some of us are waiting for a grand gesture from the universe to sweep us off our feet in the midst of dreamy Pisces season, others are hoping for balance—a yin to our yang. 

But what exactly should we expect from this eye-catching date? Before assuming the world is either going to collapse or your entire life will fall into place at precisely 2:22, let's take a look and see what it all means so you can channel energy accordingly.

"I don't think that anything super major or significant is going to happen," astrologer Nina Kahn admits. "These dates come around the energy can be subtle. We can choose to connect with it or we can choose not to."

Let's dive in!

What is the meaning of 2/22/22?

February astrology events are aplenty, and now that the most romantic day of the year (no, not Valentine's Day) is behind us, people are setting their sights on other significant moments. 

That brings us to February 22, the day on which we believe there will be a unifying force.

"The number two symbolizes balance, duality and harmony [in numerology], so its energy is all about cooperation and being in partnership," says Kahn. "I think the energy feels really unifying because it's about finding the common ground in our differences and finding a power between opposing forces."

How to celebrate 2/22/22

How do we channel that sentiment? Kahn suggests manifesting, either by a 22-minute long freewriting session at 2:22pm or a quick visualization. It'll not only give you the clarity you desire, but it also could potentially be eye-opening. 

"It's about purging things out that we need to get off our chest, but also identifying things that we want that we buried beneath the surface," she adds. "Set tangible intentions and focus on what you want to build in your life."

(Psst: the best 2022 planners can help you keep those notes in check!) 

Another perspective on 2/22/22

Not all of us are seeing two's. In fact, numerologist and life coach Ann Perry believes there is something significant many of us are overlooking.

"Numerology is a code," she says. "We have to look at the whole thing and not take it at face value."

And that's exactly what she does. A quick explainer shows that February 22 is really shining a light on another number. 

"It actually comes up to 30 (three) but nobody's talking about that," Perry says. 

In a quick numerology explainer, here's what you need to know when breaking down this significant date:

  • February = 2 
  • The 22nd = 22 (a master number in numerology that you cannot break down) 
  • 2022 = 2+0+2+2=6

Now add it together: 2+22+6=30 (three). 

When you look at the year we're in—2022 (2+0+2+2)—we arrive at six. Per Perry, six brings a focus on home, family, relationships, balance and an unnecessary need for perfectionism.

If you're going to break down things even further, add the six (the year) to two (the month) and you'll get eight, which is about reflecting on our abundance, manifestation, power, authority and measuring our self-worth.

With these new numbers in place, this throws out the notion of harmony that two has instilled in us. This means that our manifestation and our goals for the 22nd can, in fact, be a bit more self-centered rather than harmonious. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed or ready to whip out a calculator, fear not. Whatever path you decide to pursue, and whatever number you feel as though you'd like to connect with, our advice is this: do whatever works best for you and your relationships. Stay true to yourself when solo or interacting with others. 

How you proceed on February 22, 2022, and all other dates for that matter, is entirely up to you!

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