Set your timers: '4-minute foreplay' is the new sex trend on TikTok that you'll go crazy for

'It's such a fun way to inject excitement and something different into your sex life,' an expert insists

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TikTok's latest trend, 4-minute foreplay, will convince you to take your time and, dare we say, even slow down

In general, lovers tend to speed up the process, but our sexperts insist that foreplay ideas are crucial to the experience, even if it feels like they're holding you back. 

"The element that separates great sex from mediocre sex is sexual tension," Natasha Marie, a sexual wellness expert and the head of content at MysteryVibe, previously told My Imperfect Life. "Foreplay is essential for building tension and anticipation."

If you're looking to reset your sex life and experiment with something out of the ordinary, perhaps it's time to find the stopwatch app on your phone.

What is '4-minute foreplay'?

TikTok is a wealth of knowledge and creativity, even in the romance department. The sex tip that's going viral is actually as simple as it sounds, but the pros believe it can make all the difference.

"The 4-minute foreplay challenge is such a fun way to inject excitement and something different into your sex life by taking 4 minutes to practice foreplay and something new," says Melissa Stone, a sex and relationship expert at Joy Love Dolls. "It gives both partners time to become aroused and can help to reduce the risk of premature ejaculation."

Aside from the whole time thing, there aren't any specific rules you need to follow, other than doing what feels right to you and your partner. (And of course, it's necessary to get consent.) It's also a fun moment that allows you to pay attention to areas (and activities) that might've otherwise gone unnoticed.  

"People tend to go right for the erogenous zones when they're in bed. That's nice and all, but there are other parts of the body that shouldn't be overlooked during sex, and touching them helps build up excitement," Sarah Mulindwa, Lovehoney sex and relationship expert, previously told us. "Don’t ignore the face, the neck, the earlobes, or any other area of the body that’s extra-sensitive."

Melissa Stone

Melissa Stone is a sex and relationship expert at Joy Love Dolls, the "world's leading authority on sexual exploration, adult toys and realistic dolls."

Should you use sex toys during '4-minute foreplay'?

The beauty of the sexy trend is that it's customizable and you're able to do whatever excites you or your partner. Stone insists that 4-minute foreplay can be attempted with or without accessories, but should you be considering incorporating sex toys for couples into your routine anyway, our expert-back reviews suggest having a look at the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring (see at Amazon and Lovehoney's Tiani 2 (see at Amazon)

There are plenty of steamy secrets lurking in your FYP, and additional viral sex trends worth exploring include the coconut challenge, the knee thing (very eloquently worded), the belly press trick and the universal favorite, the speed bump sex position

"Ultimately these TikTok sex challenges have come to light and created an attraction from people due to the spike of views and interest on the app," Stone says. "These challenges are all about trying new experiences and will depend on your individual preferences and the type of sexual activities you are engaging in."

That being said: "Hey Siri, set the timer for four minutes."

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