All the revelations from 'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' season 2

Now that 'After the Altar' season 2 has finally premiered, we have all the updates we've been waiting for

danielle ruhl and nick thompson from love is blind at the reunion
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Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 2 might seem like a success, but the honeymoon phase is definitely over.  

The Love is Blind season 2 cast—most notably not Shake—reconvened to catch up with one another after their nuptials. Some couples made it down the aisle and are working on their marriage. Others, however, split and have a harder time facing their exes during this reunion. 

The group celebrates a weekend away in the cold Chicago suburbs, catching up and ringing in Natalie's 29th birthday. But of course, not every moment was worth celebrating.

Although the tight Netflix crew has given us a glimpse of life behind the scenes, it appears more friendships stemmed from this season than romance. Perhaps there will be better luck for the Dallas natives participating in Love Is Blind season 3?

'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' season 2—everything we learned

Things are about to get a little bumpy. (Did you really suspect they wouldn't?) Here are some revelations from Love Is Blind After the Altar season 2! These were all the major revelations from the special episode...

Shayne and Natalie are still at odds

The Shayne and Natalie saga continues! 

Though the woman in the way, Shaina, moved on, this notorious duo still couldn't seem to make it work. Natalie was not ready to let the alleged texts between Shayne and Shaina go, though no one claims to have any knowledge of these messages. Do they really exist? 

Shake is M.I.A.

Shake came under fire during the Love Is Blind reunion earlier this year for missing the whole point of the show, which is falling in love without relying on looks. However, his main narrative throughout the season is that he is not physically attracted to Deepti. 

He did not make an appearance on After the Altar, nor does he seem to be in cahoots with the group anymore. He's taken to his Instagram account to defend his actions and defend his alleged ex-communication. He's now "Too 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖑 for reality tv," per his Instagram tagline. But he's also in a new relationship, so perhaps it's time to move on from Love Is Blind?!

Deepti and Kyle give an update

Will they, won't they? These two are "best friends" and have undeniable chemistry, but taking things to the next level seems to be a challenge. 

Though we learn that Kyle and Deepti are keen on exploring a relationship with one another during After the Altar, it's still questionable where they stand now, especially given that there's no evidence of a relationship on social media. 

Shortly following the After the Altar premiere, the two took to Instagram to reveal that they are no longer an item.   

There are no success stories

The two married couples from the sophomore season—Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson and Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely—broke up right before After the Altar premiered. 

Jarrette and Iyanna were struggling to make it work given his late-night partying—so much so that Iyanna momentarily moved out of their home—but Danielle and Nick seemed to be doing well with their union and assembling their lives into one. It's not really clear what went wrong, and fans were surprised to hear that they ultimately decided to part ways.

Both pairs announced their splits in August 2022.

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Love Is Blind season 3 begins on October 19. Meet the new Love Is Blind cast—season 3 has 30 newbies entering the pods!

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