What is going on with Shayne and Natalie from 'Love is Blind'?

Hint: it ain't good. Looks like Shayne and Natalie, Love Is Blind's shaky pair, is totally at odds

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Shayne Jansen, Natalie Lee in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022
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The drama continues for Shayne and Natalie. Love Is Blind's shaky duo cannot seem to get on the same page.

On the Love Is Blind reunion, fans learn that the two gave their relationship another go after their failed wedding, but ultimately split. How they arrived at said split seems to be open to debate...along with everything else about their relationship. 

Although you're probably gearing up for The Ultimatum, Netflix's new dating experiment, let's catch up with our Love Is Blind alumni before moving on to our next reality TV obsession. 

Shayne and Natalie: 'Love Is Blind' catch-up

Yes, we love a happily ever after, but it's not in the cards for all Love Is Blind couples: Shayne and Natalie are definitely not one of the more fortunate unions. 

Things were rocky from the start when Shayne was pursuing two women at once: Natalie and Shaina, both of whom did not receive the full story from their suitor. Though Shayne ultimately decided to propose to Natalie, Shaina was less-than-pleased when they solidified their relationship...to say the least. 

Though Shayne and Natalie's trip to Mexico was fairly pleasurable, it was not without a few setbacks. Upon returning to life in Chicago, it even seemed that they were pursuing their romance for real, but an explosive argument before their wedding changed everything. Now, even their breakup coping mechanisms seem to clash. 

Shayne Jenson and Natalie Lee, one of the Love is Blind couples from season two

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Shayne and Natalie: what's going on now?

Shayne decided to air his grievances on Nick Viall's podcast, where he made some pretty striking revelations. He stated that Natalie could not quite get over his fling with Shaina, that she insinuated he was not good enough for her, and to top it all off, called him "disgusting" on the one-year anniversary of his father's passing. Oh, and he claimed that her interactions with him on the show were scripted. 

Natalie seems to recall things a bit differently. She took to Instagram Stories on March 30—by the way, here's where to find the entire Love Is Blind season 2 cast on Instagram—to share her take. 

"I told Shayne he was ‘disgusting’ Sunday night, because he called me to tell me he was going to ‘bury me’ and ‘drag me down with him’ on the podcast,” she claimed in the message (which is no longer available).  

She also assured fans that her reasons for ending things did not have to do with Shaina, it was the fact that he had been in correspondence with other women. She also noted that nothing on TV was scripted or rehearsed. 

"I ended any chance of reconciliation," she also wrote.

It looks like there's no hope for these two, and getting back with an ex is not in the cards. Before things got messy beyond repair, fans had hope. Several weeks before Shayne's sit-down on The Viall Files, it seemed the two were in a good place, and Natalie even had lovely words to share on Instagram.

"Even if I did this experiment a thousand times knowing the outcome, I would have always chosen you," she wrote alongside a carousel of photos of the duo.

Well, at least things weren't as tumultuous as Damian and Giannina's ups and downs, right? Here's hoping things settle down and they find their true matches. Until then, we're going to be indulging in The Ultimatum, as previously mentioned. (Yes, Netflix, we're still watching.) 

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