Do 'Love Island' contestants get paid? The fee Islanders receive while in the villa

Do 'Love Island' contestants get paid while on the show? This is what the Islanders earn during their time away from home

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The show might (sometimes) be a fast-track to a more lucrative influencer career, but do Love Island contestants get paid for the time they spend in the famous villa? As you can imagine, the creators of the hit series like to keep that kind of information under wraps, but the existence of a weekly fee has come to light recently.

Appearing on the reality dating show tends to catapult Islanders to fame almost overnight, as people from across the world tune in to watch Love Island UK. In fact, many Islanders are now household names, from Molly-Mae Hague to 2022's Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. But while the post-villa earnings can be plentiful, are the Islanders reimbursed for their weeks spent battling the scorching sun and high drama? Aside from the winning couple, who get to take home a huge cash prize, it seems the rest of the cast aren't paid particularly well for their time on the show—even if they are living it up in a luxury villa, (hopefully) with a brand new love.

Of course, a lucky few will be able to find their fortune post-villa by enticing big brands with their bolstered social media followings, having created some of the most memorable Love Island moments. But there are plenty of people who also don't make bank post-Love Island. So what do they actually earn from the show? Now that we know when the next Love Island UK starts, here's everything there is to know about the contestant's weekly fee. 

Do 'Love Island' contestants get paid?

While potentially finding the love of their lives is a big draw for the singletons appearing on the show, there is also a significant amount of money on the table for the winning couple, as together, the champions take home a £50,000 prize. 

However, do Love Island contestants get paid for the time they actually spend entertaining the nation? Given that they could be there for two months in total (which is how long Love Island lasts), Islanders do receive payment for their time in the villa. Initially, this sounds like a pretty sweet deal, considering the TV exposure and the fact that they spend their days sunbathing and partying (if you're wondering where Love Island UK is filmed, the lucky Islanders are back in Mallorca for the 2023 summer season). 

That said, it's not a huge amount. According to a 2022 article on The Sun, each contestant receives £250 per week—a slight increase from the £200 paid to contestants back in 2018—to cover rent, bills and other costs while they are away from home filming the series. The Channel 4 series Untold: Life After Love Island also confirmed that this amount is the reported figure. 

While it might not seem insignificant, a source pointed out: "If you break it down to how many hours they’re filming every day, it’s absolutely nothing!" Going off the rumored figure, if contestants are in the villa for the full eight weeks, they will receive a total of £2,000—which, while not something to be sniffed at, arguably isn't a huge compensation for worldwide fame and weeks away from their jobs, family and friends.

When the 2021 Islanders were required to quarantine in Spain due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that they also received a weekly fee for extra time spent away from home, prior to their entry into the villa. Marie Claire reported that 2021 contestant Priya Gopaldas shared on Instagram that she had received £750 for her eight-day stint on the series—indicating she had been paid for the extra fortnight away quarantining, too. The medical student however revealed that she had given the money to charity.

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How much money do Islanders make after leaving the villa?

The prize money is nice, but it's really contestant's earning potential after they leave villa that can make going on Love Island a lucrative move—and not just for those crowned as winners, like season 8's Ekin-Su and Davide Sanclimenti.

Over the years, the show has catapulted dozens of contestants to influencer status—regardless of where they placed, or if they are still in their Island relationship (talking of which, these are the Love Island UK couples still together). Many former Islanders have been able to use their newfound huge social media reach for sponsorship deals and other commercial opportunities. 

"I think women off Love Island make more money and are financially more lucrative," Sharon Gaffka told My Imperfect Life, regarding who tends to make most money after the villa.

According to research from SlotsUp, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury—who were runners up in season five—have become one of the wealthiest couples after leaving the show. In 2021, The Sun reported that Hague had signed a seven-figure fashion deal with Pretty Little Thing, while Fury continues to grow his professional boxing career. In fact, it's estimated that Molly-Mae is now worth around £4.5million!

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague seen leaving their hotel on August 07, 2019 in London, England.

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Meanwhile Alex and Olivia Bowen—who were runners-up in season two—are thought to be able to charge brands tens of thousands of pounds per Instagram post. 

It's also been reported that Ekin-Su has earned millions since leaving the show last summer, reportedly landing a seven-figure deal with fashion brand Oh Polly just weeks after her series ended, and starring in her own ITV2 show with her beau, Davide. She also participated in the ITV series, Dancing on Ice, for which she was reportedly paid £100,000, according to the Mirror!

Other big earners include season 4's Dani Dyer, season 5's Amber Gill, and season 4's Megan Barton-Hanson. In fact, Megan's former love, Wes Nelson, has also raked in the big bucks since their season ended, telling Capital FM that he is officially a millionaire.

"I was a millionaire by the age of 21. And that’s not being a show-off or anything, but it's wise investments and understanding this life doesn’t last forever."

"I have a passive income and generational wealth, so my children, whenever they come about, they’re not going to have to work again. I don’t have to work again," he said.

Erm, is it too late to sign up to Love Island?

Where can you watch 'Love Island' UK?

The latest crop of singletons set to (hopefully) join the Love Island rich list are reportedly set to head to the Island in early-to-mid June, when we'll have all new episodes to watch every single day on ITV2 in the UK.

However, if you miss an episode of the series, you can stream them online afterwards on the ITVX (formerly known as the ITV Hub) at a time convenient to you. If you're wondering when does Love Island go on ITVX, rest assured that it's soon after the episodes air on TV. 

Not in the UK? You can also watch live via a VPN.

For even more dedicated fans of the series, there's also the spin-off show Love Island: Aftersun—which airs straight after the Sunday night episode—and which sees a guest panel debriefing on the past week, as well as exclusive clips and the first interviews with freshly-dumped Islanders.

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