How long does Love Island last? Let's just say, it's time to cancel your summer plans

This is how long Love Island will last this year...

Love Island 2021
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How long does Love Island last? It's the question we've all been keen to know this year as we prepare for the first post-COVID installment of the hit dating show (as well as 'how to watch Love Island' if you're not in the UK). Will it be as long as usual or have timings been cut short due to restrictions? We've got all the answers. 

After a long delay, with two canceled seasons due to the pandemic, the show is finally returning to ITV2 on Monday 28th June—but when will it end?

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This year's Love Island lineup took some warming up to but it feels like all the drama we've been yearning for is finally here. With new arrivals shaking things up, couples developing actual romantic feelings (who would have thought it from the first two weeks, eh?) and Casa Amor right around the corner,  this season is delivering what Love Island is known and loved for, at last. 

From classic Love Island sayings, hilarious mugging offs (we're eagerly awaiting the Casa Amor), the heart-melting love stories (whether they last or not) and of course, all the iconic TV moments that will no doubt live on in pop culture through the art of memes - we've already has our fair share of Love Island memes from this season.  Entertainment is what we crave and the Islanders always provide it. So, how long can we expect to have them around this summer?

How long is Love Island on for 2021?

The date for the Love Island final has officially been set for August 23. This means the show has been extended to a nine week run this year. Hurrah! 

The last season of the show, which took place at the beginning of 2020, ended after just six weeks, while historically the show tends to run for eight weeks. This year, however, we've been treated to some extra time. 

ITV announced the final date via a tweet, inviting people to get tickets for a viewing party on the night in collaboration with Boots. 

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So you know the drill—keep your calendars clear, we have many more Love Island viewing hours ahead of us...

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