Does Emily quit Savoir? 'Emily in Paris' season 3 has the answer

Sylvie or Savoir? 'Emily in Paris' season 3 opens with our marketing guru at a crossroads in her career

Lily Collins as Emily, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau in episode 301 of Emily in Paris

Paris or Chicago? Sylvie or Savoir? Emily in Paris season 3 finally gives us the answers we've been searching for. 

As we reunite with Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) in the opening scenes of Emily in Paris season 3, she's enjoying a gorgeous evening from the top of the Eiffel Tower. What could be more spectacular?! Not having your two bosses kill each other while there, for one. 

Tensions escalate rather quickly between Madeline (Kate Walsh) and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) at the famous Parisian attraction as they fight for Emily's much so that Emily ends up falling off the iconic tower! (No need to worry, it was just a bad dream.) 

Needless to say, professional decisions haven't been easy for our marketing expert. Does she stick with Madeline and continue working at Savoir? Or does Emily stay in Paris and decide to work full-time for Sylvie, who quit Savoir in the season 2 finale to jumpstart her own marketing firm, Agence Grateau, with Luc and Julien? Will Em finally tell Sylvie that she's been pulling double duty at both agencies because she's too afraid of disappointing Madeline? 

The stress is high in the third season, not only professionally but also romantically. "Who does Emily end up with, Alfie or Gabriel?" is another highly popular subject, so needless to say we need to wrap up one thing before we switch gears and focus on another. Let's get it together, Cooper!


Does Emily quit Savoir in 'Emily in Paris' season 3?

Emily actually ends up working for both Madeline and Sylvie in Emily in Paris season 3...but it's not what you think. 

At the beginning of the season, Madeline, a new mom, is preparing to journey home to Chicago and thinks Emily is tagging along for the ride. How could she not? Madeline taught Emily everything she knows! And especially since Sylvie didn't respond kindly to Madeline's job offer to become the president of Savoir, she needs someone in her corner during this vulnerable time. 

Emily initially thinks she can pull double duty—though we're not quite sure how or why—and ends up running back and forth between jobs so as not to upset anyone. But, as you might've expected, the jig is exposed rather quickly and catastrophically, so Sylvie terminates Emily's employment and our protagonist is left at Savoir...but not for long. 

While talking business one afternoon, Madeline informs Emily that she's booked Air France tickets for both of them to return home to the States. Since the Parisian branch turned out to be "a lemon," in Madeline's words, all operations moving forward will take place in Chicago...but Emily's not ready to hop on that return flight.  

"I guess I'm saying...I quit," she tells a startled Madeline. "Madeline, I'm not running away, I'm running towards the life I want. And that's here."

After a brief stint of unemployment and waiting tables at Chef Gabriel's (Lucas Bravo) restaurant, Emily casually offers a few helpful business tips to a client of Sylvie's and, as much as the trendy boss might hate to admit, she needs Emily. Thus they begin their love/hate journey once more...and encounter some Visa trouble to boot. 

Of course, there are plenty of ups and downs headed her way, particularly with competition from Paul Forman, Emily in Paris' new heartthrob. How will this peer, who just so happens to be Mandy's new boyfriend, get along with Emily? Let's just say things are about to get extra bumpy on Paris' cobblestone streets.

Get ready for drama, romance, and more spectacular Emily in Paris fashion moments (and Sylvie Emily in Paris fashion moments), but definitely not that Emily in Paris-You crossover everyone was talking about. (Could you imagine that?!)

Emily in Paris season 3 hits Netflix on December 21. 

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