Who does Emily end up with in 'Emily in Paris' season 3?

Alfie or Gabriel—who does Emily end up with? In true Emily Cooper fashion, the answer is complicated

Lucien Laviscount as Alfie, Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 305 of Emily in Pari

"Who does Emily end up with in Emily in Paris?"—it's the question on everyone's lips! 

As to be expected, yet another love triangle dominates Emily in Paris season 3 on Netflix, as Miss Cooper (Lily Collins) attempts to make sense of her romantic and professional life in the City of Lights. 

When we catch up with the marketing maven, she is at a crossroads in her career and in her relationship with her new British boyfriend Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount). Things might be over between her and hunky French chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo)—especially after that pact she made with his girlfriend, Camille (Camille Razat)—but can she wipe away those emotions forever? Plus, will the "friendship" between the two really help get rid of any lingering feelings? (Probably not.) 

Things are about to get complicated in the French capital, but we wouldn't expect anything less from our bold Chicago ex-pat. Fasten your berets and let's dive in!

*Warning: spoilers are very much ahead!*

Who does Emily end up with in 'Emily in Paris' season 3?

Things are going smoothly between Alfie and Emily through much of the Emily in Paris season 3 finale, with the duo dressed to the nines and loved-up at Camille and Gabriel's engagement party in Champagne. However, one big announcement throws their relationship, as well as Camille and Gabriel's, into a tailspin. 

So which romantic pairing makes it out in the end? Truthfully, we're not sure who Emily ends up with in season 3: Alfie or Gabriel. She might not know, either, judging from how things wrapped up. Here's what happened:

Lucien Laviscount as Alfie, Lily Collins as Emily in episode 304 of Emily in Paris

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What happens between Emily and Alfie?

Throughout the season, Emily and Alfie are running hot and cold. She's never quite sure of her feelings for him—which is especially clear when she's a no-show at the going-away party she throws him—and he's hesitant to mention their relationship to his loved ones. 

"The last girl I introduced to my family said we were moving fast and broke up with me," Alfie tells Emily. "The one before that said she loved me, but wasn't sure I was the one. And then the one before that..."

Emily interrupts before he can continue and seems to understand his hesitancy. However, when things turn south for Camille and Gabriel at their engagement party (more on that in a minute), it appears that Em and Alfie end up going in the same direction. 

"I knew there was something. I knew it," Alfie tells her after the earth-shaking revelation. "Sorry, but I'm nobody's second choice, Cooper," he says, sadly adding: "I'm not [your man]. And I don't think I ever really was," before leaving. 

So, are Emily and Alfie dunzo? We'll have to stay tuned until Emily in Paris season 4 for official confirmation, but things aren't looking good for our lovers in Paris. 

Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 307 of Emily in Paris

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What happens between Emily and Gabriel?

Given Emily and her "friend" Gabriel's romantic struggles, we cannot help but revisit their past. Is the love between the two really over for good? All onlookers (including Gabriel's grand-mère Gigi) seem to think they're still the perfect match, and grandmas do always seem to know best.

Things were already knotty between Emily and Gabriel going into the season finale—there was, of course, that little moment where Gabriel admitted to still having feelings for Emily, after drinking too much bourbon to deal with a fallout he had with Camille. 

They get significantly more entangled in the finale when Camille and Gabriel's engagement party turns into an impromptu wedding ceremony. While at the altar to exchange their vows, Camille halts the proceedings with a shocking speech.

"Gabriel, the only reason we're together is because I knew you were in love with Emily," revealing the women's pact to never date Gabriel. (Yes, jaws dropped.) She tells Gabriel that she went along with their relationship because she thought she really wanted him, or maybe she was just being competitive. 

"Gabriel, you and Emily have been in love with each other since the moment you met. I can see it in your eyes," Camille says. "So now, I'm sorry, I really am, but I can't marry you. And it's time we all just stop pretending."

Stunned by the announcement, Emily and Gabriel recoup and have a little heart-to-heart, admitting that they've always had feelings for each other. But it seems like there's a big bump—pun very much intended—blocking their future together. 

"Camille didn't come back from Greece to revive our relationship," Gabriel tells Emily. "She came back to tell me that she's pregnant."

"Oh my god," Emily exclaims—right before the screen goes black.

See? The answer to who Emily chooses isn't black and white. While some of us might be Team Gabriel and others are rooting for Alfie—truthfully, they both seem like great guys—we have a feeling that Emily knows who's meant for her at the end of the day. But we leave her just where we started: at yet another crossroads! 

Emily in Paris season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix starting Wednesday, December 21. 

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