Is there a 'You' clue in the new season of 'Emily in Paris'? Fans are convinced

The new season of 'Emily in Paris' might be telling when it comes to Joe Goldberg's future...


What's this, chère? Does the new season of Emily in Paris hold a clue...about Joe Goldberg? 

It appears there is a link between the unlikely Netflix hits, and fans are convinced Ms. Cooper will have a cameo in You season 4. Talk about a wild crossover, huh?

Although Lucien Laviscount is a distraction, the true detectives among us insist that the rom-com's second season is hiding a clue about the Penn Badgley thriller.

Curious about what's going on? Allow us to explain, mon amour


Is there a 'You' clue in the new season of 'Emily in Paris'?

It's the crossover you least expected and likely want most now that you know it's a possibility. (Sure hope Emily doesn't get caught up with the infamous bookseller/serial killer!) 

In season 3 of You, Love met her match with Goldberg. (Are we surprised?) When the wicked father of one tried to frame her for the murders they carried out together, he then faked his death so he could make his way over to the City of Lights. 

What's the reason for Paris, you ask? His little crush on Marienne, who revealed she'd like to end up in France if she gains custody of her child. 

You season 1 production still

(Image credit: Netflix)

Alright, fair enough. Plenty of people want to go to Paris. Goldberg's travel choice isn't exactly out of the ordinary. 

But, if you were paying close attention during the Emily in Paris season 2—which we know you were—you'll notice Luke (Bruno Gouery) and his very telling relationship advice. 

"Don’t waste time with girls or thinking about Marianne No. 1 or Marianne No. 2. Just never date a woman named Marianne. Never," he says. 

Emily in Paris season 2

(Image credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021)

Are we talking about the same person?! Are the plots going to intersect?! Will You get a très chic touch in its next installment? Considering showrunner Sera Gamble told E! Online that our favorite serial killer is France-bound in search of an old crush, we wouldn't be surprised! 

Now, if we could just get Cardi B on You season 4 to boot, we'd really be in for a treat. No need to thank us for the suggestions, Netflix.

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