Who is Paul Forman on 'Emily in Paris'? Meet the heartthrob stirring things up in season 3

Say 'bonjour' to Paul Forman! 'Emily in Paris' season 3 gets a new fella, and everyone has a ton of questions already

Paul Forman as Nicolas De Leon in episode 308 of Emily in Paris
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Salut, Paul Forman! Emily in Paris has a new fella, and fans are suspicious that the burgeoning love triangle will soon become a square. 

The end of Emily in Paris season 2 left us with plenty of questions, and now everyone's asking, "Who does Emily end up with in Emily in Paris season 3? Although Miss Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is pursuing a relationship with Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount), we can't help but suspect that she still has lingering feelings for chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). And now there's potentially a third suitor?! Oh, mon Dieu!

Allow us to fill you in on actor Paul Forman and his role in Emily in Paris season 3.

Who is Paul Forman on 'Emily in Paris'?

Paul Forman is an English-French actor and model who portrays Nicolas de Leon in Emily in Paris season 3. Nicolas is the scion of JVMA, a powerful luxury brand conglomerate, so you know there'll be overlap with Emily and the Agence Grateau team. 

Though we initially suspected an attraction between Nicolas and Emily, the tension between the two is only of the professional sort. He's actually a former boarding school mate of Emily's best friend-slash-roommate Mindy (played by Ashley Park), and mixing business and pleasure is never easy...even if you're not necessarily involved. 

How will things play out between Nicolas, Emily and Mindy? You're going to need to tune in to the third season to find out!

Paul Forman age: how old is he? 

Born on March 16, 1994, Paul Forman is a 28-year-old Pisces, an emotional and creative water sign

Paul Forman movies and TV shows: where have you seen him before?

The handsome actor, who graduated from the Drama Studio School in London, has also dipped his feet into modeling. He's seen posing in Versace tighty whities on Instagram for The Perfect Edit and posing next to Little Mix for Attitude, among other shoots. 

As far as acting goes, he's made appearances on Riches on Amazon Prime and Frank of Ireland, which is also available on Amazon. No word yet on any upcoming projects, but you can beat everyone will be keeping a watchful eye over Mr. Forman once they finish Emily in Paris season 3. 

Paul Forman Instagram: what's his handle?

You can follow along with Forman's adventures in modeling and acting on his Instagram account, @peforman, where he dubs himself as "The Frenchest Englishman" and boasts more than 83,000 followers. 

There, you'll catch plenty of shirtless modeling photos, underwear shoots and travel imagery, particularly in Europe. We also have a few images of Forman strumming the guitar, enjoying wine and hitting the beach.

Paul Forman girlfriend: who is he dating?

Although Forman is pretty vocal about his modeling and acting projects, he keeps us guessing in terms of romance. We're not entirely sure if he is seeing anyone at the moment, and there's no evidence of a partner on Instagram. 

There is a playful modeling shot of Forman biting a woman's arm, and there's a black-and-white photograph of Forman and a mystery man with their arms around one another, though you cannot see their faces. 

At this time, it looks like Forman's love life is a bit of a mystery, but that's likely to change once fans meet Nicolas de Léon. 

So, what will transpire with this new addition to the Netflix series? You'll have to grab your beret and head to the City of Lights to learn more!

Emily in Paris season 3 is streaming on Netflix starting Wednesday, December 21.

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