Does Fezco die in 'Euphoria'? Actor Angus Cloud weighs in on his character's fate

Here's what went down in that season two finale and what happened to that #Fexi letter. (Spoilers ahead!)

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Does Fezco die in Euphoria? We all questioned actor Angus Cloud's fate ahead of the season 2 finale, and let's just say the episode on February 27 shook us to our core. 

Fans of the moody and emotional drama grew close to Fez, a kindhearted spirit with a difficult upbringing. The teen drug dealer, who was raised by a drug-dealing grandmother, was forced to step in as the adult figure by taking care of his younger brother, Ash.

Though life was not easy for Fezco, things appeared to be on the uptick, especially considering his blossoming romance with Lexi, Euphoria's resident "good girl." Fexi was the hot topic of conversation, and everyone was dying to see how their story would play out in Euphoria season 3, but should fans get attached?


According to the season finale promo, there's trouble in paradise and what appears to be a grim outcome for Fez. In the teaser, we hear Rue (Zendaya) reading a eulogy as a montage of clips surface—police sirens, gun triggers, shattered glass and a screaming Fez.

"When you died, it didn't feel real," Rue said. "It felt like a movie, and this is the part where the character never recovers. The part where life takes them down."

Additionally, learning that Fez missed his love interest's play was the tidbit that truly put viewers in a tizzy. He had planned to sit front row at Lexi's production, flowers in hand, but fate had other ideas. 

Considering how deep their bond has grown, only something horrific would truly stand in the way of Fez's attendance. Plus, fans were distraught learning that his sweet note to Lexi went undelivered. 

"It was just, like, a congratulations," Cloud told Variety. "I think they both know there’s a vibe going on. Definitely taking it to the next level with them flowers and whatnot. So I think the letter was just being like, ‘Yo, good job for f****** doing you."

Another one of Cloud's recent interviews also piqued fans' interest and made them concerned. When Complex writer Karla Rodriguez point-blank asks Cloud if his character's kind demeanor will lead to his demise, followers were less than pleased with his response.

“I mean, it’s definitely possible,” Cloud revealed to the outlet. “You have to be careful with who you let into your heart and who you trust.” 

Needless to say, tensions were high. 

Does Fezco die in 'Euphoria'?

When Custer arrived at Casa de Fez to talk about Mouse's murder, we had a feeling something catastrophic was about to unravel. Throughout the talk, Custer had the authorities listening in on his cell phone. Ashtray, sensing something was awry, ends up stabbing Custer in the neck, killing him. Fez destroys his phone but the damage is done and the police were already on their way. 

To protect young Ashtray, Fez insists that he will take full responsibility for Custer's death, but Ash instead locks himself in the bathroom with a small arsenal of weapons. When the SWAT team descends on them, Ashtray and law enforcement open fire, wounding Fez in the stomach and leaving Ash with a bullet in the head. (Unfortunately the answer to the question "Did Ashtray die in Euphoria?" seems to sadly be yes.)

Though Fezco is seemingly hauled off by the SWAT team—and appears to have survived this violent ordeal—now we are all wondering if we'll see him behind bars come season three. 

Twitter reacts to "Is Fez dead?" rumors:

As usual, fans took to social media to express their concerns and frustrations over that emotional season-two finale, particularly in reference to Fezco. Heck, some are even threatening to part ways with the show—and HBO entirely—if Fez was killed. 

Until the third installment is released, you can watch (or rewatch) Euphoria season 2 in its entirety on HBO and HBO Max. Don't forget about the Euphoria specials, either. Here's hoping things will be a little less difficult in the episodes ahead.

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