Who is Lexi on 'Euphoria'? You've definitely seen this actress before

Get to know Maude Apatow, the actress behind Lexi, Euphoria's resident "good girl" and Cassie's younger sis

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There are many dramatic teens at East Highland High School but Lexi, Euphoria's resident "good girl" and the younger sister of Cassie Howard, is a breath of fresh air in all of the hormonal mayhem.

The sophomore season of the HBO hit has brought difficult subject matter to the forefront, and problematic characters as a result, but Lexi Howard appears to be one of the more sensible ones of the group. She is considered Rue's "level-headed" childhood friend and the potential love interest of fellow fan-favorite Fezco, played by Angus Cloud

So, who is the young woman who brought Rue's reasonable sidekick to life? Meet Maude Apatow, the 24-year-old actress who has stepped into the emerging role. 

"It’s all exciting and I think people are going to be surprised," she said of her character while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

We have a few more weeks until the Euphoria season 2 finale, so time will tell if Lexi is going to change her ways. Until then, catch up with Maude!

Who is Lexi on 'Euphoria'? Meet Maude Apatow 

Euphoria's Lexi Howard is portrayed by Maude Apatow, an American actress from Los Banos, California. Apatow began acting in 2005 at the age of seven. She studied theatre at Northwestern University but dropped out after her sophomore year to pursue acting full-time. 

Along with roles in movies like The King of Staten Island, Knocked Up, This is 40 and Funny People, Apatow starred in the 2018 film Assassination Nation and was directed by Sam Levinson, who would later go on to create Euphoria. Levinson wrote the role of Lexi Howard specifically with Apatow in mind. 

“I had a Skype with Maude and found her to be a fascinating and hilarious and neurotic character with this wonderful, expressive silent-movie-star face,” Levinson told Variety back in 2020. “But she wasn’t right for any of the characters, so I wrote a new one for her.”

Yup! Maude's acting chops certainly run in the family: she is the daughter of actress Leslie Mann and filmmaker Judd Apatow. Her younger sister, Iris Apatow, is no stranger to the camera, either. Like her big sis, she starred in Knocked Up, This is 40 and Funny People. She also held her own as the fierce Arya in Love, a Netflix original series.

Maude Apatow age: how old is she?

Apatow was born on December 15, 1997, making her a Sagittarius. She is currently 24 years old. 

Maude Apatow boyfriend: who is she dating?

On January 20, 2022, the actress was spotted looking cozy with author Sam Koppelman at a New York Knicks basketball game, per People. The appearance sparked dating rumors but the twosome has not publically confirmed any relationship. 

Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow

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The burgeoning tension between Apatow's Lexi and Angus Cloud's Fezco was a season two surprise that has been a hit with fans. Watching the odd-couple characters sweetly hit it off during the New Year's Eve party was something we didn't know we needed. 

Apatow told Bustle that the pairing with Cloud felt natural: "We had chemistry as friends right away in real life, which I bet is part of the reason Sam [Levinson] thought we would connect on screen."

“I love working with Maude — she’s the best. We always had a great time whenever we get to work together. She’s hilarious. She cracks me up,” Cloud told Complex, saying that the Fezco-Lexi relationship allows him to tap into the character's softer side. “You gotta feel safe and comfortable to sort of open up. I always feel like that around [Maude], so it’s not too difficult.”

Maude Apatow on the future of 'Euphoria'

Although we are particularly anxious to see where Lexi and Fezco end up by the end of season 2, we're also thrilled about another Euphoria-related couple: Tom Holland and Zendaya. And it looks like Maude Apatow is, too, especially about that much-rumored Tom Holland Euphoria cameo. 

"I must have come to visit [the set] 30 times," Holland revealed to IMDb. "Listen, I have been petitioning for this for a long time and it has not happened yet and I'm very disappointed."

During her own IMDb chat, Apatow echoed the cast's sentiments for Holland's appearance: "Euphoria meets the MCU," she joked.

We're anxious to see what this up-and-coming star does next, both on the drama series and beyond. Be sure to tune in to Euphoria on Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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