How much does the Oppenheim Group make? *A LOT*

Here's the deal on the digits

an enormous white beachfront house available via the oppenheim group on selling the oc
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"How much does the Oppenheim Group make," you ask? If you thought the drama between realtors was grand, just wait until it's time to do some math. 

We're about to binge Selling the OC season 2, which premieres Friday, September 8, and apparently the listings are entering billion-dollar territory. Though we're certainly looking forward to catching up with the cast, that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the OG: Selling Sunset season 7. (Did that Chrishell/Nicole feud *finally* come to an end?) 

Needless to say, we keep a close eye on these extravagant listings and the agents who make them happen. Drama aside—and we know there's plenty of that—how much money are we talking, here? Quite a bit, actually. 

How much does the Oppenheim Group make?

Hold onto your seats, dear friends. Jason Oppenheim—who we chatted with about the business and what's next—and his twin brother Brett have built a successful business, so much so that the figures will make your jaw drop. (Hey, this is luxury real estate, after all.) 

In late 2021, just after the premiere of Selling Sunset season 5, multiple outlets dug into the nitty gritty details to uncover the math behind it all. Per The Sun, the Oppenheim Group sells 100 properties a year and is responsible for over $1 billion worth of sales with $300 million in active listings. Not too shabby! 

When Business Insider caught up with the twins in May 2022, figures changed slightly...for the better. The outlet reported that the company has estimated total sales of almost $2 billion since its founding in 2014, and the brothers allege that Los Angeles-based office grows roughly 20-25% per year. 

jason oppenheim and brett oppenheim addressing the selling the oc cast

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As for the new dwellings in Newport Beach? They're looking promising, though particular figures have yet to be revealed. In his conversation with My Imperfect Life, Jason Oppenheim opened up about his OC-based staff exceeding his expectations.

"That office becoming so successful as quickly as it has is the biggest reward," Oppenheim tells My Imperfect Life. "They've doubled anything I thought they could've achieved in their first couple of years."

Something tells us plenty of profit is on the way for the newbies to the Selling franchise. Time will tell what the likes of Tyler StanalandKayla Cardona and Alexandra Rose will bring in after dipping their toes in the realty business and reality business.

As far as the richest Selling Sunset cast member, reports indicate that Miss Chrishell Stause takes the cake at $5 million, but now with a book on stands and likely other business ventures, she's sure to rake in even more. Over in the OC office, reports are circulating that Alex Hall is the top earner and reportedly worth $5 million. In season 2, we learn that the O Group is setting up shop in Cabo San Lucas, so there's certainly more Benjamin Franklins to be had. As for the bosses, the Oppenheim brothers are reportedly worth $50 million each. 

Yes, the numbers are unbelievable and the homes are nothing short of spectacular, but it's the cast that's really caught our attention. We'll be sitting by patiently waiting for the next chapter for the O Group.

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