Wait, who is Jimmy Forde from 'Love Is Blind' season 4 and did he get married?

Meet Jimmy Forde, 'Love Is Blind's other hopeful romantic from the pods

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Did we miss something? Who is Jimmy Forde? Love Is Blind season 4 actually included two additional engaged couples: Jimmy and Wendi Kong, plus Ava Jenson and JP Schultz, though we're only catching up with them as the season wraps.

Now that the controversial and very delayed Love Is Blind season 4 reunion is behind us, we're learning more about what transpired behind the scenes that didn't make the final cut, including who didn't make the final cut. Jimmy and Wendi immediately connected over their adventurous spirit and emotional nature, which led him to pop the question. 

"One of the first things she said to me was that she packed half a suitcase coming here and it was so jarring and different than anything else I’ve heard from any of the other women. Immediately, I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s who I need to be with," he told Netflix Tudum

Who is Jimmy, exactly, and where does he stand with Wendi now?

Meet Jimmy Forde, 'Love Is Blind's' other engaged fella

The 29-year-old tech product manager is an adrenaline junkie, and the fact that he's a licensed skydiver is proof. On Instagram, you can catch him hiking outdoors, jumping out of planes and walking around Seattle with his Australian Shepherd. 

Are Jimmy and Wendi still together?

Jimmy and Wendi, who didn't make it to Mexico with the other pairs, ended up dating for three months after the pods. Unfortunately, they're no longer together, but remain close, as evidenced by his supportive Instagram post about the experience, which you can see below.

He further revealed to Tudum that the engagement was one of the happiest experiences of his life and he has no regrets about signing onto the Netflix reality dating show. We must hand it to the contestants, they've been very cordial and poised with one another. (Well, minus Micah and Irina.) 

Is Wendi dating Paul now?

Paul and Micah had a rough go—and couldn't make their second attempt at love work after their failed wedding—but Paul's dating life post-pods has been revealed, and he did have an "insane connection" with Wendi, an aerospace engineer. However, he thought that they were a little too alike to make things work in the long run.

"I like myself, but I don't know if I like myself that much that I want to marry myself. We were really similar," Paul revealed to E! News

As for Jimmy, the experiment might not have ended with love for him either, but he appears to be in a positive mindset and enjoyed his time in the pods, though it was short-lived compared to other Love Is Blind season 4 couples' experiences.  

“Even though I wasn’t followed or really featured much, I did get some good shots of me playing pool, so I might just become a pool shark," he joked to Tudum. 

If you were one of the lucky ones who did get to see the "live" reunion, catch up with our play-by-play in the Love Is Blind reunion recap. If not, here's how to watch the Love Is Blind reunion

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