Is Paul from 'Love Is Blind' dating Amber, his other connection from the pods?

What do we have here, Paul? 'Love Is Blind' dating drama? Do tell!

Paul at the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion in a heartbreak shirt
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What's going on with Paul? Love Is Blind dating rumors are starting to swirl around the pod squad's favorite scientist, and if our hypothesis is correct, some interesting details await. 

As you already know, Paul and Micah were the only Love Is Blind season 4 couple to walk away from the experiment unsuccessfully, or in Micah's case, run away, as she stormed off the altar when Paul said no. But you might not have known that the hopeful romantic returned to the unconventional dating setting when pursuing a new relationship.

So, did he reconnect with Amber? (For those who need a little refresher, Amber was the one left in tears after her breakup with Paul, and Irina and Micah were caught laughing at her.) Here's everything we know. 

Who is Paul from 'Love Is Blind' dating now?

While Paul did make his way back to his former flame, there was no rekindled relationship between him and Amber after the show. In an interview with E! News, he provided details about where he stood with his ex from the pods. 

"We had a cordial moment of a no-hard feelings kind of thing and an acknowledgment of the connection that we had that was real. But we didn't date or anything like that," he told the outlet. 

However, he did strike up a connection with another person from the pods: Wendi, an aerospace engineer. As much as they connected, Paul revealed that their similarities were a little too strong, if you can believe it.

"I had an insane connection with her," he further revealed to E! News. "I like myself, but I don't know if I like myself that much that I want to marry myself. We were really similar."

Wendi ended up getting engaged to fellow Love Is Blind castmate Jimmy Forde, though their relationship was not shown onscreen during the latest season of the show. Ultimately, the two ended up parting ways three months after leaving the pods. 

What did Paul say about Micah during the reunion?

We had a feeling that Paul and Micah would be on shaky ground during the reunion, and our suspicions were confirmed. Paul revealed that one of the reasons he couldn't commit to their life together was the fact that he could not see Micah as a mother, a statement that offended her deeply. 

We were a bit surprised to learn that the two gave their romance another try after their disastrous, tear-filled wedding day. Shortly after the season wrapped, they started seeing each other once more. When Micah relocated to Arizona, where she splits half her time, Paul followed for a weekend together. Ultimately, that's when things truly headed south for the pair, and they split for good. 

Given that so many contestants this season have opted for their second-choice partners—Zack and Bliss got engaged after his breakup with Irina, and Jackie and Josh formed a connection, ultimately leaving Marshall solo—we weren't surprised to hear that Paul returned to a familiar, we mean voice

If any new developments arise on the romance front, we'll be sure to fill you in on Paul's journey!

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