Milky white nails are TikTok's latest beauty obsession, and you need in on it

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Out with the old, in with the new: Milky white nails (color of the moment) is invading FYPs everywhere. 

While you were busy taking a look at different TikTok beauty hacks, you probably noticed that everyone has ditched the cobalt blue nail trend and opted for a cleaner, airy look.

This chic aesthetic is meant to appear a little less intense than a bold white, and it's the perfect complement to any outfit. But in order to pull this look off, you're going to need to start with the basics: proper care. 

As Beautifect founder Tara Lalvani previously told My Imperfect Life: "Keep fingernails dry and clean. Especially with the current climate, it’s important to clean nails regularly, whilst also ensuring they are properly dry before any further nail care to prevent damage." 

Once you're ready to get styling, we'll tell you everything you need to know to nail #MilkyNails!

Milky white nails: color

Curious where to get started with #MilkyNails, one of the trending hashtags on TikTok with over four million views? We're particularly fond of these hues.


Peacci Willow

A soft grey and delicate white that offers a creamy finish.


O.P.I. Funny Bunny

A sheer finish that's perfect to pair with other shades or stand alone. Note that the UK offer includes a polish, base and Top Coat Bundle. 

Milky white nails: style

While you can wear 'em plain, the #MilkyNails trend is totally flexible. Why not try one of these styles?

1. Reverse French Manicure

When we spoke to the pros about 2022 nail trends, they insisted the French mani would get revitalized with a little pop of color. Start with white as a base coat and add the hue of your choosing for the tips. 


♬ Fire - Official Sound Studio

2. Squoval 

2022 is the year to mix up shapes. Why not find a new one and enhance it with a touch of milky white?

"For a universally flattering nail shape that’s great for both long and short nails, go for 'squoval' a mix of the traditional square and oval nail shapes," Lalvani tells us. "Simply round out the edges of your nails using the Crystal Nail File for a sleek, fashionable looking manicure."


♬ original sound - chillzzzzz0

3. Small prints

Add a little touch with cute shapes, florals and so on. (Of course, starting with a white base.)  


♬ Spring Day - Smyang Piano

4. Marble style 

For the truly adventurous who want to up the reverse French mani trend, add a marble aesthetic with your white base. 


♬ Stranger - Official Sound Studio

5. Statement nail 

Make an oh-so-subtle statement by painting one nail a different color when attempting your milky white mani. 


♬ Super flat lad - Tik Toker

6. Classic

Nothing beats a simple approach, right? It's an oldie but a goodie.


♬ Originalton - ꨁ

For more fun ways to spice up your mani, check out what the beauty professionals have predicted for 2022 nail trends. We'll see you at the salon. 

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