The luckiest star sign of January will kickstart 2023 on a high note

Can you guess which member of the zodiac will do the honors? This is the luckiest star sign of January 2023

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Cheers to the luckiest star sign of January! Raise a glass to your cosmic peers and wish them well during their 31 days of prosperity. 

Now that our 2023 horoscopes have hit the scene and the new year is on the horizon, we're curious how everything will unfold for us cosmically. Regardless of what your birth chart indicates, all members of the zodiac will have their moment of glory over the next 12 months, but a few January astrology events provide an extra spoonful of good fortune for a specific sign.  

Who will be the luckiest star sign of January 2023?

So, who will be the luckiest star sign in January 2023? The answer is twofold, actually. A fire sign and an earth sign will do the honors. 

"Jupiter will be direct in Aries, allowing Aries to blossom and grow as an individual with each pursuit that Aries will take on," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "Then the North Node will also be in Taurus, so Taurus may feel like some fated happenings are in store throughout January."

Ready to let the good times roll, you two? (Who said Mercury retrograde 2023 would get in the way!)

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Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons is a freelance writer, astrologer, and tarot reader based in Salem, MA. She views astrology and tarot as another tool in our arsenal to understand the cosmic interplay in our lives. Currently, Liz contributes astrological articles and horoscopes to StyleCaster, POPSUGAR and She is also the resident astrologer at ASCEND Get Lifted. Check out Liz’s Instagram @the__crone and her website, 

Tips for the luckiest star sign of January

Although it'll be a nice time for Aries and Taurus, Simmons does warn that it's not entirely smooth sailing (that's next to impossible, anyway). She does, however, give each sign a few pointers to survive any slight bumps from the cosmos along the way.

"For Aries, there might be slight stress from the sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn alongside Chiron in Aries," she says. "The Capricorn stellium will square Aries, so there is a cosmic call to slow down despite Jupiter in Aries wanting to speed things up. Aries will have to find the sweet spot between taking action and playing the waiting game to make the most of each opportunity."

As for Taurus, one planet, in particular, might make things a bit tricky. 

"Taurus may still need to reconsider how to be comfortable with their authenticity while also feeling secure since Uranus retrograde in Taurus will be going on until January 23," she adds. "After Uranus stations direct, Taurus may feel more stable."

Good news for all zodiac signs

"What planet is in retrograde?" you ask. By mid-month, everyone will be moving direct. (Yes, even Mercury.) 

"By January 23, all planets will station direct so this will help all of the star signs to feel a little more confident with pursuing New Year's resolutions or intentions," Simmons adds.

Consider this a well-deserved astrology gift

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