Who plays Mia in 'The White Lotus'? Get to know Beatrice Grannò

Meet the Italian actress behind Mia, 'White Lotus' season 2's aspiring Sicilian singer

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She's an intriguing character, but who plays Mia, White Lotus season 2 newcomer? 

Part of the Italian contingency of The White Lotus season 2—along with her sex-worker BFF Lucia (Simona Tabasco) and hotel manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore)—Mia is a Sicilian local and talented singer in search of her big break, who becomes ever-entangled with The White Lotus hotel's wealthy guests, played by the likes of Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Adam DiMarco, Haley Lu Richardson and Jennifer Coolidge. 

So far in the show's second season, we have mostly seen Mia navigate uncomfortable encounters with older men, including the hotel's lounge singer Giuseppe (Federico Scribiani) and visiting Hollywood producer Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli), though, in episode six, she does become sexually entangled with Valentina as well. 

How Mia's story fits into the grand scheme of things is still to be seen on The White Lotus season 2, whose big finale airs on Sunday, December 11 (is Mia the one who dies in The White Lotus this time around?!), but until then, let's get to know the actress behind the character.

Who plays Mia, 'White Lotus' season 2 character?

Mia is played by Italian actress and musician Beatrice Grannò in the cast of The White Lotus season 2—and yes, that was actually her singing on the show. 

“Music has always played a very important role in my life. For me, music activates every creative process of mine. I was dreaming of the chance to be in a project where I could be an actress and a musician,” she told Grazia about the role. “I studied piano, and I recently signed with a music label now in Italy. The songs I had to learn were mainly jazz. Mike wanted Mia to be more spontaneous—he didn’t want her to be this incredible piano player.” 

In fact, Este Haim (yes, that Haim) helped Grannò musically get in character for The White Lotus. “She was incredible,” she said to the outlet. “She was sort of like a vocal coach but also a friend. She was really rooting for me. She helped me understand what was happening. I was so happy to work with her because she’s an amazing artist. It was a dream for me to play a musician in such a beautiful show.”

Of the character of Mia, Grannò told Los Angeles Confidential: "She starts off very innocent, and then eventually she flips and she realizes something very important and understands that if she wants to be a musician, she has to do anything in her power to get there."

She continued: "What I love about Lucia and Mia is that they're like marbles. They've been thrown in this hotel to make everyone just lose their balance. I really liked this about our characters because we're there to f*** everything up."

Beatrice Grannò age: how old is she?

Born in Rome, Italy, on May 6, 1993, Beatrice Grannò is currently 29 years old. (She is a Taurus.)

Beatrice Grannò Instagram: what's her handle?

With an impressive following of more than 90,000 followers, Beatrice Grannò can be found on Instagram at the handle @beagranno. Her Instagram page is packed with photos from fashion editorials and red-carpet appearances, behind-the-scenes of her acting projects (including The White Lotus season 2), and videos of her singing beautifully at her piano. 

Beatrice Grannò movies and TV roles

Viewers may recognize Beatrice Grannò from Italian TV shows like the mini-series Il Capitano Maria, the medical drama DOC - Nelle tue mani and the Netflix sci-fi dramedy Zero. On the big screen, she's performed in films like 2019's Wonder When You'll Miss Me, 2020's The Time of Indifference and 2021's Security

Next for Grannò is her first studio album, as well as the promise of more acting projects abroad. “I hope I get the chance to audition for international projects,” she told Grazia. “I would love for that to happen. I hope this experience will give me the chance to work in the U.S.—you never know!”

See Beatrice Grannò as Mia on The White Lotus season 2, airing Sundays at 9pm on HBO and HBO Max.

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