What's happening with 'Selling Tampa' season 2?

We've binged 'Selling The OC,' so now we're ready for 'Selling Tampa' season 2 and all of the luxury from the Sunshine State

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Curious about Selling Tampa season 2? You're not alone. 

The cast of the Netflix series made its way onto screens in December 2021, bringing us a taste of all-things luxurious from the Sunshine State...and, of course, a dollop of drama. (Did you expect anything less?) 

The show provides everything viewers could possibly want from a reality TV series: heated moments, glitzy environments and plenty of "she said, she said." The reason for the pronoun of choice is because this Selling Sunset spinoff follows the all-female, all-Black Allure Reality, headed by military vet Sharelle Rosado. 

Consider this the Florida alternative to the beloved Oppenheim Group from Selling Sunset. (Speaking of which, we just sat down for a chat with CEO and realty mogul, Jason Oppenheim!) 

Now that O Group has successfully spread its wings and landed at Newport Beach—and we're not-so-patiently waiting for Selling The OC season 2—we have to know what's headed our way from Florida. We'd like all of our realty reality TV bases covered, thank you. 

Will there be a 'Selling Tampa' season 2?

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At this time, Selling Tampa season 2 has not been approved by Netflix, according to multiple sources.  Fans are remaining hopeful that a sophomore installment will hit the streamer in late 2021, following Selling Sunset's lead. Should we learn more, you'll be the first in the loop. 

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What will 'Selling Tampa' season 2 be about?

Given that there are a lot of loose ends to tie up, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the story continues. 

We'll be anxious to see how things fare between both the Tampa and Miami offices, just like realtor Juawana Colbert-Williams. In an Entertainment Tonight (opens in new tab) interview, she's curious how her boss, Rosado, will manage a new location...and motherhood!

"I would definitely love to see what happens with the baby and how she [Rosado] is going to manage Miami vs. Tampa and, really, how the ladies are going to either put up a fight or not in terms of who's going to be second in command. "

As for other realtors like Colony Reeves, she's anxious to give viewers a glimpse of life beyond realty—and clear up any misconception that she's romantically wooing her clients. Alexis Williams, on the other hand, is looking forward to get back into her boss' good graces and earn a spot back at the firm. 

As Rosado states, "I'm a badass motherf*****, so I know how to handle both offices." We'd like to see what it's like when she does have to juggle both! 

In the meantime, there's plenty of goodness in the Selling universe, thanks to Selling The OC. In between $100 million+ listings (yes, that's correct) there's been plenty of tension brewing in the office thanks to the kiss/not kiss between Tyler Stanaland and Kayla Cardona, the cool girl club of Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis, And, of course, we're anxious to take a peek at the luxurious beachside homes that await. 

Stay tuned!

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