Is 'Bling Empire' cancelled? The internet is not handling the rumors well

'No one talk to me,' one Twitter user insists upon hearing news that 'Bling Empire' has been axed

Bling Empire: New York. Dorothy Wang from episode 101 of Bling Empire: New York. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
(Image credit: Netflix © 2022)

Is Netflix playing a joke on us: is Bling Empire cancelled...for real?! 

As if we haven't endured enough this week—we don't need to remind you about the infamous Love Is Blind live reunion, right?!—the streamer might have just added one of our go-to franchises to its list of Netflix cancelled shows, and we're definitely not thrilled about this major adjustment to our screen time. Here's what we know about those cancellation rumors. 

Is 'Bling Empire' cancelled?

Yes, it looks like both Bling Empire and its spin-off series Bling Empire: New York, the latter of which launched this year with O.G. star Dorothy Wang leading the way, are both kaput. 

On Wednesday, April 19, we all learned that Bling Empire season 4 and Bling Empire: New York season 2 are no longer. The Crazy Rich Asians-esque shows followed a group of wealthy friends and all of their endeavors: work, play and love. (And when we say wealthy, we mean it: have a look at the Bling Empire: New York cast net worth and prepare to be stunned.)

The internet reacts to the 'Bling Empire' cancellation: 

Given that we had unfinished business with Anna Shay and co.—and we only just got started with the New York crew—we definitely feel like we had the rug pulled out from underneath us. Needless to say, reality TV fans are not happy with the news. Plenty of folks appear to be in mourning if you have a look at Twitter:

If you asked Dorothy Wang at the start of 2023, she felt like her cross-country move and involvement in the spin-off show was the right move, despite being born and bred in California. 

"Everything’s aligning and everything feels good. I think I’m with the right people," Wang revealed in Interview

Guess we can consider this a minor setback, but perhaps another streamer will pick up the franchise? If not, we're looking forward to The Ultimatum: Queer Love premiering on Netflix on Wednesday, May 24, and we're happy to learn that Perfect Match season 2 is a go, though the date is still TBD.

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