What do the 'Selling the OC' cast zodiac signs say about the O Group agents?

Think you know the OC's O Group staffers? Think again! Our astrologers reveal some telling insight about the 'Selling the OC' crew

What are the Selling the OC cast zodiac signs?
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The Selling the OC cast zodiac signs are as wild as the agents' listings are extravagant. 

After what seems like an eternity—it's been a year, but you get where we're going with this—Selling the OC season 2 is set to hit the market and win us over with its opulence and drama. Needless to say, we're ready for it all. 

To celebrate the Netflix series' return on Friday, September 8, we've done some astrological digging to uncover what's going on with the show's famous faces. (We also dug into the Selling the OC cast's net worth because we know you're curious about those figures, too.)

A catch-up with the wild O Group staffers? Sold!

What do the 'Selling the OC' cast zodiac signs tell us?

Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas provided some cosmic insight about each of the O Group staffers' zodiac signs, and some of the details just might surprise you. Have a look to see where everyone in the office stands with the stars.

Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured on Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NBC and ABC television, CosmopolitanEntertainment WeeklyThe New York Post, Page Six, Hulu, Seventeen, Bustle, Elite Daily, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and more. 

He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regard to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide

Alexandra Hall: June 10 (Gemini)

Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) tend to be smart and charismatic, which certainly describes Alexandra Hall, one of the O Group's top staffers. However, we are sometimes surprised to learn that these members of the zodiac can keep things bottled up, considering they present such a tough exterior. Is her will-they-won't-they relationship with Tyler Stanaland one of those things she prefers to keep hidden? Or, given that Geminis "hunger for new horizons," per Thomas, perhaps this means she'll be ready to dive into a new relationship with her longtime friend? We'll find out. 

Alexandra Rose: July 8 (Cancer)

Alexandra Rose might be dominating the real estate game now, but she definitely did not have an easy upbringing--far from it. Perhaps that's why she craves strong connections and takes Jarvis under her wing in the debut season. And, as a Cancer, Thomas notes she and her fellow water signs "hunger for safety, security, and emotional balance." Though we sense some impending drama on the Jarvis/Rose front, we are crossing our fingers that all works out.

Alexandra Jarvis: May 6 (Taurus)

According to Thomas, "Taurus are grounded, strong, and romantic. They are sensual creatures focused upon passion, possessions, and authenticity." Alex Jarvis is definitely strong in her roots and faith, and the O Group's Southern Belle is ready for her romantic happily-ever-after. Will we see her wedding play out this season? We'll know shortly!

Polly Brindle: April 1 (Aries)

Sure, her birthday might be April Fools' Day, but the "immensely fiery" Polly Brindle is no joke. The OC's resident Brit is nothing short of dynamic and exudes Main Character Energy. If we were willing to bet, some of those characteristics *might* be problematic in the episodes ahead.

Brandi Marshall: January 4 (Capricorn)

Thomas nails the no-nonsense realtor to a t in his assessment of "strategic" and "focused" Caps: "Oftentimes they turn their whole lives to building an idea, whether that’s their career, family, or a hobby. They seek long-term gain."

The realtor is all about her career and providing for her family, so we're not surprised to learn that she is one of the earth signs of the O Group.

Kayla Cardona: December 20 (Sagittarius)

Sags crave adventure, evolution, and all things new. They are one of the more dynamic members of the zodiac and could benefit from taking breathers before heating up with passion or fury. (Perhaps that would've saved us some drama between Kayla Cardona and Tyler Stanaland...)

Tyler Stanaland: July 19 (Cancer)

Tyler Stanaland has definitely gotten attention, but not necessarily the good kind. He went through a very public divorce from actor Brittany Snow, and many suspect his flirty office behavior was to blame for their demise. But since Cancers "hunger for safety, security, and emotional balance," will he seek to find that in season 2? (Perhaps with longtime pal and co-worker Alex Hall?)

Austin Victoria: December 13 (Sagittarius)

The realtor, model, and actor craves adventure and always looks to improve himself in his career. When taking all the office drama into account, the dad of two is not typically one to get involved: he's too busy planning his next moves.

Sean Palmieri: August 6 (Leo)

We'll admit, we're a bit taken aback to learn that Sean, one of the quietest realtors in the office who generally steers clear of any chaos, is a Leo. 

"They hunger for fury, whether that’s expression, art, romance, or dominance," Thomas says of Leos. "They desire being seen like a bright light."

You can color us surprised. Will we get another look at Sean in season 2? Perhaps we'll see a side of him we didn't know existed?

Gio Helou: March 20 (Pisces)

We would've pegged Sean a Pisces and Gio a Leo, but hey, guess there are a few curveballs in the cosmos, right? According to Thomas, this water sign is "sensitive, spiritual, and compassionate" and "can reflect a rainbow, candlelight, or darkness." Maybe his water tendencies will shine through in season 2?

Catch Selling the OC season 2 on Netflix beginning Friday, September 8.

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