'The Ultimatum' memes to keep you laughing long after the reunion

All caught up with the dating drama? 'The Ultimatum' memes will help you relieve the show's best moments

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On S1
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The internet has outdone itself with The Ultimatum memes, and we're gluttonously relishing in its hard work. 

Thanks to Netflix's completely unconventional approach to finding love, viewers and contestants alike have endured a whirlwind. But loyal fans are obviously ready for more reality TV goodness (just in case that was ever in question). 

The Ultimatum reunion has hit the platform, and we have some time before we can expect The Ultimatum season 2. While waiting, allow goodies from your newsfeed to help you relive the most jaw-dropping shenanigans from the series debut. You'll catch up with all the couples— Nathan and Lauren, Alexis and Hunter, to name a few—uncover big news and attempt to wrap your minds about issuing an ultimatum for the world to see. 

If these internet moments aren't proof that we're working reality TV gold, we're not sure what will convince you otherwise.

'The Ultimatum' memes

Ready for what's in store? We have unexpected reveals, disregarded red flags, confusion and so much more. We're laughing just thinking about it all. 

1. Crazy expectations

Does anyone else think some of members of The Ultimatum cast are asking for a tad too much from their S.O.? We're all for taking things one step at a time. 

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2. Pure shock

It takes a lot to leave us speechless, but The Ultimatum, Netflix's latest top pick, has truly left viewers shocked. Between surprise proposals, pregnancy guessing games and shocking confessions, we're feeling pretty grateful to not be a part of the experiment.  

3. Match made in heaven

Like Kim K, we're swooning over shows like The Ultimatum

Truthfully speaking, our love for reality TV closely rivals the intensity of the Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker romance, not Kim and Pete's. (No offense.) 

4. Willingness to participate

If you agreed to this madness, well, what exactly were you expecting?

5. Try and try again

If at first you don't succeed, issue your S.O. an ultimatum and discover your true feelings for them by spending two weeks with someone else. Seems reasonable.

6. Red flags

As you might've imagined with a series like this, red flags abound. It's how the couples react to said red flags that has us truly astonished. 

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7. Confusion

We're not really sure how some people arrive at the decisions that they do, but who are we to judge?

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8. The masterminds

The creators from Love Is Blind wanted to explore relationships from different vantage points, thus The Ultimatum was created. 

"For the participants, it’s incredibly powerful. It does teach them something, I think, at the end of it. It’s full of emotion and hope," executive producer Chris Coelen told Variety. "I'm really proud of it."

We are forever pleased with their work. 

9. Marriage woes

Do these contestants not realize that time is on their side?

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10. Fickle feelings

It's good to change your mind every chance you get, right?

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11. A thought

Perhaps some contestants should expand their dating pool. The Ultimatum season 2 will actually focus on an all-queer, mostly female cast, so it looks like this Twitter user was right on target. 

Catch up with The Ultimatum on Netflix now!

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