Is 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix getting a second season?

Now that you've binged 'The Ultimatum' allow us to get you up to speed with Netflix's plans

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For the past two weeks, The Ultimatum's will-they, won't-they suspense kept us glued to our TVs. 

Although the couples met mixed fates, we all agree that we're not ready to part ways with this new guilty pleasure. Shows like The Ultimatum will certainly tide us over, but we're dying to know the fate of this unconventional undertaking. 

Will Netflix treat us to a sophomore installment? Now that The Ultimatum reunion has made its way onto the platform, we feel a sense of closure with the season 1 cast, but who will we meet next, if anyone?

Is 'The Ultimatum' getting a second season?

Looks like we'll have a new Lauren and Nathan, Alexis and Hunter and so on, but things will be a little different. 

The Ultimatum has been renewed for a second season, much to fans' delight, but the premise this time around will be to host an all-queer, predominately female cast, according to Variety

Dating shows have come under scrutiny in years past for not being terribly inclusive, so we're happy to see that The Ultimatum is looking to expand its LGBTQ+ representation. 

"To be able to tell as many different kinds of stories as we can, I think is great and something to aspire to," executive producer Chris Cullen revealed to the outlet. 

The rules will have to change in this fluid version, but Cullen insists the team is carving out a path to make it happen. 

"What I will tease you with is that we want to be representative in all kinds of ways and we are figuring out ways to do that," he further stated. "In its current form, I think it’s difficult because of the way that everything is structured. You wouldn’t be hanging out in the lounges with people because those people could be possible love interests for you."

Sounds like season 2 is going to switch things up—and potentially be even tenser for those participating...and watching.

What do we know about potential air dates?

Although it's been confirmed that all systems are a go for season 2, there is no confirmation about air dates at this time. It's likely that Netflix is still attempting to figure out its new cast...and new set of rules. 

As soon as we have more updates, we'll be sure to fill you in. We're just as anxious to meet the new couples (and couples to be) as you are.

Where does season 1 leave off?

The Ultimatum ending gives us the much-awaited scoop on our favorite couples: Will Lauren and Nathan be able to make it work, despite their different opinions about children? Is April really pregnant, and if so, how does this affect her relationship with Jake? What about Madlyn and Colby? 

We have so many questions, and fortunately, The Ultimatum part 2 delivers all the answers. The final installment of the series—and the reunion—are available on Netflix as of April 13. 

If you're looking to see where the roller coaster ride ends up (of course you are), do be sure to adjust your TV schedules accordingly.

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