Virgo season memes that keep the laughs coming

Yes, you need these Virgo season memes in your feed—trust us

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Ta-ta for now, Leos! Virgo season memes are invading feeds and preparing starry-eyed astrology fans for a new energy. 

Bold and fiery Leos are about to take their final bow—much to their chagrin—and hand things over to the loyal, honest and emotionally conservative earth sign. Of course, that means the internet is busy crafting some of its finest cosmically-charged material to celebrate. What better gifts could astrology fans ask for?

So, when does Virgo season start? It'll run from from August 22 to September 22 and ask us to focus on ourselves by enjoying some TLC (self-care day ideas, anyone?) and getting our to-do list in order.

"What is unique about Virgo season is that it encourages us to be selfish, but in the best possible way," says Nebula's astrologer Patrick Price previously told us. "Not only is it a much calmer time than most other seasons, but it is also the time for us to take time for ourselves."

Sure, things might be calm, but those who live in cyberspace didn't miss out on the opportunity to poke a little fun at earth sign's funniest qualities while embracing its time in the spotlight. (Don't worry—it's all in good fun!) Happy Virgo season, folks!

The best Virgo season memes on the internet

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1. A few days makes a difference...

Sure, we're all still Virgos, but things change drastically from August to September! Might want to have a look at those astrological birth charts

2. If you want something done right...

Since earth signs love to be organized and work well with structure, are we really surprised they've decided to take matters into their own hands?

3. We're not *that* mean

"Earth signs can be difficult to connect with emotionally," astrologer Liz Simmons previously told us. "Others may find that it is difficult to gauge an earth sign’s emotional reaction or get them to open up their heart."

Hence the cranky-looking pictures, right?

4. Love can be tricky

Virgos love to show their affection towards the people they care for most. Incredibly loyal, this member of the zodiac will do anything for a friend—like finding love! Just don't expect them to be quite as successful on their quest for romance for themselves.

"Love will likely be a slow come-up, with much time and energy invested into getting to know a prospective partner before committing to them," Simmons previously said of Virgos.

5. Know your worth

Even if Virgos are slightly closed off, at least they know that their love is valuable!

6. No need to overthink

Who, Virgos? Nah! 

7. Just ignore those pesky problems

Out of fear of overthinking, sometimes it's just best to avoid the issue at hand entirely, right Virgos?!

8. Where did you go?

After a day of nonstop work, did you really think we were headed out to dinner with co-workers? The couch is calling our name. 

9. Little Miss Virgo

Little Miss Memes have been enjoying their rise to fame as of late, so it's no surprise that they've made their way over to astrology, right?

If you can't get enough of the cosmos, do be sure to check out out favorite relatable memes for those who are obsessed with astrology!

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