What did Abby do in 'Ginny & Georgia' to cause tension? Let's recap

MANG is seemingly shattered, but what happened, exactly?

Katie Douglas as Abby in Ginny & Georgia
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What did Abby do in Ginny & Georgia to cause tension within MANG (Max, Abby, Nora and Ginny)?

Now that the long-awaited Ginny & Georgia season 2 hit Netflix on January 5, we've picked up right where we left off, and the group of friends is still very much in shambles. Though we certainly have bigger fish to fry—"Who did Georgia kill in Ginny & Georgia" and "Does Georgia go to jail" are the questions at the forefront of our mind—but the dramedy is also rife with teenage growing pains. 

"You can see that there was a lot of damage happening at the end of season one, so there's a lot of rebuilding that has to take place," actor Damian Romeo, who plays Matt Price in the series, previously told us. 

Will all be resolved?

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What did Abby do in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

Abby (played by Katie Douglas) knew that Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry) had been unfaithful to her boyfriend and kissed Marcus (Felix Mallard), a.k.a. Max's twin brother. Although there was already some tension brewing between the two, this only made matters more uncomfortable...especially when Max, Queen Bee of the group, finds out. (Do Marcus and Ginny get back together in season 2? You'll have to tune in to see how it all unfolds.) 

Ultimately, this is the reason for the friendship breakup, but if you ask us, the infidelity should be the troubling part, not whether or not people know of said infidelity, but we digress. Though we see members of MANG attempt to rekindle their bond in season 2, Max remains largely uninterested in any type of reconciliation. 

But a larger problem at hand for Abby is her struggle with body dysmorphia, something that truly causes a disturbance in her life. We find out that in attempts to make herself appear thinner (and to fit into a certain pair of jeans) she begins tapping her legs, something caused her great distress and even more insecurity (particularly during a game of truth or dare). 

Though there are undoubtedly ups and downs within the cast of Ginny & Georgia season 2, Romeo particularly notes how his bond with Douglas' Abby is one of the highlights of season 2 for him. 

"My development with Abby's character It showcased a different side of them. And if there's one scene in particular, it's during the school play where Matt Press [finds out] that Abby has been taping her legs, and it shocks him because it's the first time in the show that he realizes that his words have a serious effect on others," he previously told us. 

We still have plenty of unanswered questions, but here's hoping that Abby gets past her troubles in Ginny & Georgia season 3—and hopefully MANG will be in tact once more.

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