What does 'Turkey teeth' mean on Love Island'? An explainer on one islander's unusual green flag

According to this season 10 Islander, six-packs are out and 'Turkey teeth' are in...

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After meeting our new Love Island 2023 cast (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up), it's already been established that 'Turkey teeth' are a big green flag for at least one of our season 10 islanders—but what does it mean?

Over the years, there has been no shortage of new, weird and wonderful Love Island quotes that have managed to work their way into our everyday vernacular like 'moving mad' and 'icks', for example. We've even learned that some people's turn-ons and offs can get very specific—remember Haris Namani's (2023, winter series) aversion to women with size 6+ feet?!

And now it seems we already have another rather unusual beauty requirement, with newbie Jess Harding sharing that she's all about guys with 'Turkey teeth'...

What does 'Turkey teeth' mean on 'Love Island'?

In case you missed it, the start of Love Island 2023 saw the first five islanders chat with host MJ (who was wearing yet another killer *trademark pending* Maya Jama Love Island outfit) ahead of the first coupling up, about what they were looking for in the villa.

While discussing their types, former aesthetic practitioner Jess, revealed that nice teeth—especially the 'Turkey teeth' look—were a big tick for her.

As you might have already guessed, the term does indeed refer to someone's pearly whites but also to a specific cosmetic dental procedure.

'Turkey teeth' is a phrase used to describe when someone has traveled to get cosmetic veneers or crowns fitted in Turkey, a very popular destination to have the procedure done because it's far cheaper than receiving the treatment in the UK. 

According to Healthline, the process is pretty invasive, with both veneers and crowns requiring some of your natural teeth to be filled down before the porcelain or resin tooth is fitted—though crowns require far more filing than veneers. You'll like have seen a few before and after pictures online, with users sharing their shark-like, filled-down teeth before their finished results.

The finished look leaves someone with very noticeably straight and white teeth, recognizable as—you guessed it—'Turkey teeth.' Love Island fans will remember that Luca Bish (season 8 islander) actually had this dentistry work done and yes, called them his 'Turkey teeth.'  

Jess went on to explain that she isn't necessarily looking for someone who has flown to Turkey for a new set of teeth, but rather the very razor-straight, dazzling white look attributed to the procedure. So, let's hope a few bombshells slow-mo walk in with that perfect Hollywood smile...

Best Twitter reactions to the 'Turkey teeth' saga

Naturally, Twitter had a thing or two to say about Jess's teeth-related green flag, with one user baffled by the term: "What are “turkey teeth”? This show never fails to teach me something British and new." Hope we've cleared up the mystery for you!

Meanwhile, another user who was clearly clued up on the dental look quipped: "20 minutes into love island and this girl has said ‘turkey teeth’ is her type. BYE."

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A second viewer also wrote in disbelief: "Did she just say “turkey teeth” is her type lol"

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While other's felt it was a shame Jess wasn't on the same series as Luca—a match made in... Turkey?

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