What does limerence mean on TikTok? A deep dive into the trending term

Love or limerence? You be the judge

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Our FYP is a textbook of sorts, and limerence is one of the terms in its glossary. 

Among many trending hashtags on TikTok, the phrase has been sparking curiosity amongst app users. What does it mean exactly? Why is it having a moment now? Allow us to explain.

What is limerence?

Oftentimes confused with love, limerence is defined as "the state of being obsessively infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of or a desire for an intense romantic relationship with that person," according to Dictionary.com. Psychologist Dorothy Tennov was the first to coin the phrase back in 1979. 

It makes perfect sense that the notion would have a resurgence: our TV lineup is completely consumed by matters of the heart, from Love in the Flesh on BBC Three to The Ultimatum, Netflix's latest guilty pleasure. This is but two of endless examples. 

Then you have the Kourtney Kardashian wedding photos circulating the web. She and Travis are leading the celebrity PDA movement, and it seems everyone is quick to lock lips in public. 

Taking a look at the cosmos, the celestially attuned have warned us that the best time of the year to manifest love (and plan a date) is soon approaching. Plus, the Stellium in Pisces at the start of Taurus season—ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships and intimacy—is ready to kick those lovey-dovey vibes into high gear. 

If the universe is even preoccupied with love, how could our TikTok feeds not be? All signs are pointing to the heart. 

Limerence on TikTok

In between TikTok beauty hacks and TikTok recipes, some platform users are stepping in with thoughts on the subject and words of encouragement to those who are frustrated with love. Viral videos are acting as explainers and even therapy for some. 

Others use TikTok as a platform to discuss mental health issues and limerence's connection with diagnoses. (Side note: as you're already aware, not all sources on TikTok are accurate, so always defer to medical professionals when seeking assistance.) 

Then you have the videos about limerence with people simply goofing off, dancing and alluding to the fact that there's a certain someone driving them crazy (in the 1998 Britney Spears kind of way). 


♬ Lofibeats chillhop(943906) - Enokido

♬ Limerence - Yves Tumor

♬ original sound - LAUREN DELISLE

♬ Chop Chop Slide - Insane Clown Posse

Yves Tumor's 'Limerence'

In technical terms, Yves Tumor's "Limerence," the trippy background music that goes perfectly with videos, has been making its way across FYPs.

Pitchfork describes Yves Tumor as "not so much an experimental musician as he is a snake charmer or a hypnotist. He replaces the flute or the pocket watch with synths, samples, field recordings, and hot digital noise, creating a musical world that is teeming with spooky sensations."

Needless to say, a medley of his is perfect for the video-sharing app. 


♬ ... - f4iry_r4t

Regardless of how it has made its way into your feed, limerence is enjoying its limelight. If you're thinking in terms of romance, do note a very wise recommendation from one of our resident astrologers: 

“I have always found that manifesting love is easiest to do when you've done the work to be happy with yourself first,” says Renée Watt.

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