Breaking up during Mercury retrograde? Don't panic about your love life just yet

We all fear breaking up during Mercury retrograde, but our astrologers will help you navigate the ups and downs

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Breaking up during Mercury retrograde is one of our greatest addition to a broken iPad and traffic jams. But before you let this teeny, tiny planet send you into a romantic spiral, take a deep breath. 

Mercury retrograde 2022 will happen four times instead of its typical three, and it's the perfect time to reevaluate your needs instead of going into panic mode. (Yes, really—our astrologers said so!)

"There’s a hype around it, but it happens the most often out of the retrogrades," Noush of Girl and Her Moon reminds us. "Maybe it’s trying to show you or teach you that something else needs to be fixed. It's a time for us to really take a step back, slow right down and question your thoughts and our words by noticing the reality and realigning to something that feels a little bit better."

Instead of expecting chaos, why not anticipate changes or turbulence (check out our special Mercury retrograde horoscope) as what you need to get you on the right path—relationships and otherwise?

Breaking up during Mercury retrograde

Narayana Montúfar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, believes this is not necessarily time to nurse a broken heart, but rather a chance to readjust aspects of your love life that might've been swept under the rug. 

"It's an opportunity to rethink certain issues you don't want to deal with," she says. "It's hard, but the truth is we are just being challenged to find a new solution."

If something is bothering you, address it. If you want to see change, make it happen. Now is the time to be proactive (but gentle). No need to wallow. 

Work on your communication

Since Mercury is the planet of communication, it can often make our relationships feel a little uneasy when in retrograde. Take time to think about the way you speak to an S.O. and think about what you want out of your partnership. Don't be hasty—act cautiously and kindly, even if you're approaching a sensitive topic. 

If you're a bit on edge about communicating with a partner, try exploring crystals for Mercury retrograde (great gifts astrology-obsessed fans will appreciate). Nosuh has a few favorites during this time. 

"One of the crystals I seem to be drawn to for communication would be amethyst. It'll help you have a clearer understanding of your deeper thoughts so that maybe you can communicate with a little bit calmer or patience."

How to avoid Mercury retrograde break-ups

Consider the planetary rough patch as a chance to make things right, but that means you'll have to be cautious with your words.

"If you get really intense, you're probably going to say something you regret," Montúfar warns. 

In addition to practicing kindness, she also suggests shedding your clothes—if it feels right, of course.

"When Mercury and Mars meet, words can be weapons," Montúfar adds. "So instead of saying something that you're going to regret later once Mercury is direct, shut up, take your clothes off and figure it out in bed."

Mars thrives on sexual energy, so might as well make the most of it, right?

What happens if you split during retrograde?

Truthfully, if you do end up calling it quits with a partner during this time, it's probably a split that was coming—the universe's way of saying you weren't on the right path. Mercury wouldn't have changed the results one way or another. An ending, though painful, is something that you might need in order to transform and move forward. 

No matter what happens, we know you'll handle Mercury's antics with grace. Chin up, the crazy retrograde is not as chaotic as we've been lead to believe.


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership.

Narayana Montúfar

Narayana Montúfar is an astrologer, content strategist, visual artist, and the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power.

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