When is ‘The ‘Ultimatum’ part 2 out? Get ready for a Netflix marathon

You know you're ready for ‘The ‘Ultimatum’ part 2—here's how to catch the next chapter of this wacky experiment

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Patiently waiting for The Ultimatum part 2? Your guilty pleasure will soon deliver. 

Now that Netflix has us completely consumed by the latest will-they-won't-they dating experiment, we're anxious to see how these tricky romantic situations play out. 

Though typically these types of series focus on a courtship, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On cast is facing a different type of conundrum: walk down the aisle, or run for the hills. Talk about pressure! Heck, even hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey are feeling the tension.

If you thought the likes of Married at First Sight Australia and Love Is Blind season 2  were intense, imagine watching your partner date someone else in hopes to uncover their true feelings about you. These participants are likely going to need some psychiatric help after this whole ordeal. 

"The emotional anxiety in the room was like palpable, like you could feel it, it was an emotional roller coaster," Nick Lachey revealed to E! 

He continued, "They're confronting whether or not to end that relationship or to take it to the next level...Everyone on Love Is Blind [also from The Ultimatum creators] is so excited. They're all there for the same reason: They want to find love. So it was a different dynamic."

But, needless to say, the bizarre and nerve-wrecking premise makes for some great TV, and we need a little Bridgerton breather, anyway. We'll grab the snacks and fill you in on the next chapter of our new go-to. 

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On S1

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When is ‘The ‘Ultimatum’ part 2 out?

The first episodes of the debut season introduced us to our couples who are at a crossroads. When the show premiered on April 6, we met duos who temporarily "split" for a three-week mini vacation with another potential match. (Imagine being with a new suitor while your actual S.O. is down the hall...) 

Now, with part 2, we're going to be treated to a finale and a reunion. (Who doesn't love a good reunion?) Expect this to hit the streaming service on April 13—a perfect Wednesday-evening activity, if we do say so ourselves. 

The first part of the series left us with plenty of questions: What happened between Lauren and Nathan? Will the two ultimately be able to make things work, even if they don't see eye-to-eye on kids?

Speaking of little ones, everyone's wondering "Is April from Netflix's The Ultimatum pregnant, or is that just a rumor?" 

What about the couples who decided to split early? (PLOT TWIST!) Will they have happy news to deliver upon the finale and reunion—and beyond? Here's hoping!

The Ultimatum. (L to R) Randall Griffin, Hunter Parr, Isaiah Wilson in season 1 of The Ultimatum.

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 You know you're curious where The Ultimatum couples stand at the end of the eight episodes, so mark April 13 in your calendars and kick back with your besties. As much as we love a happily-ever-after, like we see in a certain historical romance, we must admit, we're keen on the drama, too. (No offense to contestants who lay it all on the table.) 

Before the next part of the show drops, we'll start making our predictions until we receive confirmation from the couples themselves.

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