Which Bridgerton character are you based on your star sign?

Are you more of a Daphne or an Eloise? Here's which Bridgerton character you're most like, based on your zodiac


Got a favorite Bridgerton character? See if you match up astrologically by finding out which of the show's Regency-era personalities is most like you, based on your star sign.

While you wait with bated breath for Bridgerton season 2 to hit Netflix, astrologer and author Lisa Stardust will help you figure out if you're more of a scandal-loving Lady Whistledown, a spoon-licking Duke of Hastings, or a regal AF Queen Charlotte. 

Find out which Bridgerton cast member you're most like with our handy horoscope guide below!  

Which Bridgerton character are you?

1. Aries: Anthony Bridgerton

Aries are known for their charm, bravado, and passion. As the patriarch of the Bridgerton family, Anthony flexes his dominant nature as well as his desirous sentiments (when it comes to the woman he is in love with). Like Aries, Anthony falls in love easily—even though he knows Sienna isn’t his ideal partner, he cannot stay away. Plus, he relishes a challenge, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. 

2. Taurus: Violet Bridgerton

As the matriarch of the Bridgerton family tree, Violet wants her children to be taken care of and loved. Her intentions come from a good place—even if they can appear to be meddlesome. Violet is a very loyal mum and will never sacrifice her children’s happiness. A traditionalist by nature, Violet radiates Taurus vibes by enthusiastically dedicating herself towards helping Daphne find love with Simon and keep her family intact for better or worse.  

3. Gemini: Lady Whistledown

Like every Gemini, Lady Whistledown knows the hottest gossip in town and isn’t afraid to spread the tea. She writes about all the scandals and shares takes about everyone in the kingdom—much to Queen Charlotte’s dismay. Her secretive and duplicitous identity shocks everyone when it’s revealed to be Nicola Coughlan. As Gemini knows, having an alter ego to incite local rumors is thrilling and fun, an act that their Mercurial sentiments enjoy. 

4. Cancer: Lady Portia Featherington

Cancers are known to put their families first, which is what Lady Portia Featherington does at any cost. She wants her daughters to wed the best bachelors in town. However, her world is threatened by the salacious gossip being printed in the local paper about her brood by Lady Whistledown. In true Cancer fashion, she goes to immense lengths to protect her family’s reputation in order to have more security for their future and legacy.

5. Leo: Queen Charlotte

Leo is a zodiac sign that represents regality and power. Therefore, it makes sense that Queen Charlotte would be a relatable character for Leo. Both have over-the-top personalities, a flair for cool fashion, rule their court or group of friends with compassion, and demand attention from all 24/7. The flip side to Leo’s ego is that they have wonderful generous hearts, which is the energy of the Queen who wants love, fame, and acclaim.

6. Virgo: Penelope Featherington

Penelope isn’t one to act impulsively. In fact, she is the most cerebral and analytical out of the Bridgertons clan—which makes her an ideal Virgo. Never one to embrace her passions, she uses reason to guide her towards making decisions (even if that makes her a wallflower at times). Her delightful and quiet demeanor allows her to use her intellect to support her actions and reflect upon matters that are on her mind.

7. Libra: Colin Bridgerton

Colin is always looking for love (which all Libras do) but in all the wrong places. He looks for balance in partnerships, and often attracts his polar opposite to keep his scales centered (as we know, opposites attract and combust). However, the breaking point occurs when the scales of the relationship are tilted towards one side more than the other. Sound familiar, Libra? It should because Colin’s persona resonates with your love and relationship style.

8. Scorpio: The Duke of Hastings

The Duke is a hot bachelor about town who radiates sensuality. As we know, Scorpios are known to have a scintillating side to them that many don’t see but that they show to the person that they desire. The Duke is passionate like the zodiac sign Scorpio — so much so that they are known for their super-charged sexuality. Their bedroom eyes can allure and interest anyone who piques their interest, like the Duke.

9. Sagittarius: Lady Danbury 

Sagittarius is known to be super direct with others, which is how Lady Danbury acts. She’s an innovator and outspoken for her generation. Like most Sags, she is blunt and straightforward in the way she communicates with others. Plus, Lady Danbury is a low-key social justice warrior who defends those in need, as every Sagittarius does. She has been through a lot in her life and will fight for the underdog no matter what. 

10. Capricorn: Marina Thompson

Marina is more into the business of marriage than actual love. She views relationships as a business prospect, like how most Capricorns take on endeavors at work. The reason being is that she wants the security of wealth, a partner, social status—while keeping her wits/secrets about her as she procures a husband. Love comes second to the task at hand, which is how most Capricorns take care of their personal and professional lives.

11. Aquarius: Eloise Bridgerton 

Like the fundamental revolutionary pursuits of the sign Aquarius, Eloise is the OG rebel girl. She doesn’t align with the status quo notions of the patriarchal society. Not only that, but she is quite alright with being unique. Like the water-bearer, Eloise doesn’t fret about fitting in and being popular. She’s happy being her own person — especially if it defies convention. Chances are, she’d protest alongside the air sign and fight for societal progress.

12. Pisces: Daphne Bridgerton 

Daphne’s sentiments throughout the show dictate that of Pisces. Her desire for the freedom to choose who she can and should marry, along with her belief in a fairy tale ending once she finds a suitor who can keep up with her intellect and wit. Pisces believe in their dreams, even if those around them aren’t supportive, because they intuitively know what is best for their hearts. They’ll swim towards what they want, like Daphne. 

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