Who will win Love Island 2022? Our predictions on what might happen tonight

Who will win Love Island 2022? We've weighed up all the odds to come up with the most accurate prediction

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For maybe the first time ever in Love Island history, it is not super clear who will win Love Island 2022. There is no runaway winner this year, as there's no longstanding and full loyal couple— like Jack and Dani—nor a real whirlwind romance like Kem and Amber that the public are actually fans of. But with the Love Island final just hours away and four couples still in the running, these are our predictions…

What this series has lacked in obvious chemistry, it sure did make up for it in drama—but that won’t help our islanders much when it comes to the public deciding on which Love Island couple has earned the 50k prize money.

The Love Island 2022 final is now just hours away and there is still no clear winner. If we were asked after Casa Amor we would have said Dami and Indiyah didn't stand a chance, but now the pair are fully back in the running after winning the baby challenge. Meanwhile, Gemma and Luca are falling back down the ranks after that jealousy row after the Mile High challenge...

It seems the next few hours will really make the difference with the Love Island voting happening during tonight's live final show— and while we have no Molly-Mae and Tommy-esque couple, we do still have the likes of 'Ekin-De' and Ross and Rachel like pairing Tasha and Andrew, who have seemed to get more popular by the day. And judging by tonight's Love Island first look, these two couples are getting even more romantic...

 Who is left in Love Island 2022?

As we approach the grand finale, the remaining couples are:

  • Indiyah and Dami
  • Ekin-Su and Davide
  • Tasha and Andrew
  • Gemma and Luca

Love Island winner odds: Who is favorite to win Love Island 2022?

Right now Betfair has Ekin-Su and Davide tipped to win, with their odds at 1/14, followed by Gemma and Luca who have 10/1 odds.

Third favorite to win are currently Tasha and Andrew with odds at 12/1 and Dami and Indiyah have 25/1 odds.

Who will win Love Island 2022? Our predictions: 

Gemma & Luca

Gemma and Luca at the firepit on Love Island 2022

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Best moment

  • When they both said 'I love you' on the terrace

Worst Moment

  • Luca's furious reaction to Gemma's conversations with Billy during Mad Movies

A few weeks ago we would have said these two were running away with it—especially after they swapped ‘Elephant juice’ for I love yous. However, after Luca’s jealous reaction to Movie Night and his treatment of Tasha during Snog Marry Pie, he is finding himself in hot water with a lot of viewers.

The Love Island Twitterverse has called for him to be dumped from the show a number of times, so it doesn’t look likely that he’ll make the final with Gem, despite her being one of the most popular girls

Likelihood to win: 6/10

Dami & Indiyah

Dami and Indiyah sharing a kiss on Love Island 2022

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Best Moment

When they won the baby challenge together

Worst Moment

  • The Casa Amor recoupling when they both brought different people back and had salty (but kind of cringey) words with each other

Despite Dami's fall from grace following Casa Amor, these two are slowly climbing back up our rankings—especially after debuting their adorable parenting skills!

Earlier in the series, like Luca, fans were not happy with Dami's behavior towards Tasha—or Summer and his performance during Casa in general.

Meanwhile, Indiyah has always been a firm favorite on the show but while many fans still love her, some have been disappointed in the way that she has brushed over Dami's bad behavior and the fact that she didn't stand up for Summer or have a word with Dami for speaking badly towards her. 

The couple was also in the bottom three at the last dumping, which saw Danica and Jamie pack their bags, but still, it seems viewers are beginning to warm back up Dami and root for them as a couple.

Likelihood to win: 7/10

Tasha & Andrew

Tasha and Andrew share a kiss at the firepit on Love Island 2022

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Best Moment

  • When Tasha asked Andrew to be her boyfriend

Worst Moment

  • A tie between Andrew's Casa antics and him telling her about sucking Coco's t** 'or whatever.'

These two have had quite the Love Island journey and when you really think about it—isn’t that the whole point of the show? While they’ve previously been in the bottom three a number of times, two of the latest dumping they've been one of the first couples saved after gaining some public favor after Dami and Luca’s treatment of Tasha.

Andrew and Tasha have been paired up since the first episode and, while they have both strayed, they are now boyfriend and girlfriend, which has to count for something—right?

Likelihood to win: 8/10

Ekin-Su & Davide

Davide and Ekin-Su share a kiss on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Best Moment

  • A tie between their romantic date when they dropped the L-bomb and when Davide made Ekin-Su tiramisu and asked her to be exclusive with him!

Worst Moment

  • When Davide called Ekin-Su a 'liar' AGAIN after the Mad Movies challenge

Whether you love or hate ‘Ekin-De’ you cannot deny they have some seriously sizzling chemistry and are pretty much a shoo-in for the final. While these two have been on and off again more times than Ross and Rachel—they always find their way back to each other.

Viewers have loved their enemies-to-lovers storyline, even comparing them to a ‘divorced couple’ with their antics.

That being said though, Davide has gone down in a few people's books after his double standards over Ekin-Su’s Casa Amor moment with George, as he himself snogged multiple girls during her absence. Now though, he seems to have redeemed himself with his grand tiramisu gesture for Ekin-Su to ask her to be exclusive and telling her that he loves her.

Likelihood to win: 9/10

While there is still no sure winner ahead of the final, there is one silver lining to be found in this dramatic season—we've definitely never been closer to seeing an islander steal the prize money before…and low-key we do want to see that…

Once the finale wraps up, be sure to check out Love Island USA season 4, which is now streaming. 

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