Why we could be getting a ‘Bling Empire’ spin-off in New York

We need this ‘Bling Empire’ spin-off rumor to be true

Bling Empire. Jamie Xie, Dorothy Wang in episode 103 of Bling Empire.

Fans reckon we’re getting a Bling Empire spin-off following the release of Bling Empire season two. Despite there being no confirmation about a third season, there is definitely scope for a spin-off—what with Kevin Kreider's recent move and Dorothy Wang’s brief role in the show. The evidence is pretty compelling.

While the majority of Bling Empire’s cast are based in LA there are a few factors as to why fans are so sure a spin-off is happening and in New York no less.

It may at first seem like a stretch, since the likes of Anna Shay are very established in LA with brand new mansions, but it really isn't an unheard-of move by Netflix. Selling Sunset got a spin-off in Tampa!

But before we lay down all the factors pointing to a potential spin-off, this is what the fans are saying…

Why do fans think we’re getting a ‘Bling Empire’ spin-off? 

One fan made a very good point with their tweet, saying: “It’s giving bling empire New York, cuz why else did Dorothy come on the show to move lol”.

Another user also tweeted about their desire to see more of Dorothy: “@netflix gives us a Bling Empire New York and follow Dorothy I missed her on my tv.”

While a third viewer believes that might have been the point of her appearance in the series altogether, tweeting: “Did #blingempire introduce Dorothy to set up a NYC spinoff?”

Well, it seems Dorothy wants a spin-off too and has hinted at a literal Empire of Bling shows. In an interview with E! She said: “There could be more than one Bling Empire, maybe? There could be different Bling Empires scattered across the globe."—Yep we like the sound of that!

She also added that she is definitely up for it, saying: "Listen, my life is always camera-ready, there are always fabulous Asians all around the world with stories to tell. And there's always a show happening whether there are cameras rolling or not. So whenever, wherever I'm ready to go." Ball's in your court, Netflix!

Another key factor to note is that another Bling Empire alum is now living in the Big Apple.

Kevin Kreider, who had an epic fight with Kane Lim and had a fleeting romance with Kim Lee in the sophomore season, told Today that he’s moved out of LA!

When asked about whether he and Kim are an item, he said: “I'm in New York now, and Kim's in Los Angeles.”

So that makes two cast members and a fan-favorite living in NYC and we’re pretty convinced now…

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