Your lowdown on Kevin Kreider, everyone's 'Bling Empire' crush

Everything you need to know about Kevin Kreider, 'Bling Empire' heartthrob...

Kevin Kreider attends the 4th Annual Griot Gala Oscars After Party at BOA Steakhouse on March 27, 2022 in West Hollywood, California
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Want to know more about Bling Empire's Kevin Kreider? Get in line! The model-turned-reality TV star became a favorite ever since the show debuted on Netflix back in January 2021. 

From billionaire matriarch Anna Shay to superstar DJ Kim Lee and Kelly and Andrew, the show introduced us to a real-life Crazy Rich Asians-style world where luxury and glamour are the norms for a group of Asian-Americans in Los Angeles.  

In season one of the show, Kevin Kreider was the one cast member who seemed to be just as blown away by the lavish lifestyles as we were. The model—who is of Korean descent but grew up in Pennsylvania where he was raised after being adopted by white parents—wasn't born into the same affluent lifestyle his cast members were. Nor was he as familiar with Asian culture as his peers but that all changes when he meets the Bling Empire group. 

Throughout both seasons, Kevin brought a level of vulnerability that differed from his castmates, who were otherwise caught up in the glitz and glam of daily life. Whether it was comforting Kelly Mi Li as she struggled in her relationship with Andrew (though this may have a lot to do with the fact that he fancied her) or bonding with Kim Lee over their parental problems and helping her track down her biological father, his presence added a human element to the otherwise outrageously superficial show. 

Here's everything you need to know about Bling Empire star Kevin Kreider. 

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Does Kevin Kreider have a girlfriend or is he married? 

Good news ladies—Kevin is currently single. However, maybe not for long. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab) last year, there could be a romantic spark with another castmate, Kim Lee (we've broken down Kevin and Kim's relationship after season two...).

As we see on the show, the two end up pretty close towards the end of the season when Kevin and Kane help Kim track down her biological father. But that wasn't always the case—in fact, Kevin told the publication that he "hated" Kim at first and only tolerated her because she was Kane's friend. 

However, things have changed a lot and it seems the two are really just better off as friends... On the show, we also saw Kevin express his interest in castmate Kelly, even going out on a date with her. Fair to say Kevin likes to date!

Kevin Kreider during his salsa date with Kelly

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What has Kevin been up to since 'Bling Empire' season two?

Well, for starters—he moved to New York! Speaking about his relationship status in relation to Kim, he told Today: "I'm in New York now, and Kim's in Los Angeles." 

He also revealed he had to retreat after everything that happened in season two (from his relationship with Kim to the epic fight with Kane): "All of us needed space and distance. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... and I think the audience will feel the same." 

We don't know what this means for season 3 of Bling Empire but since fellow cast member Dorothy Wang also made a big NYC move, it could work? We're keeping our fingers firmly crossed.

Outside of the reality TV show drama, Kevin has been active on social media, promoting brand partnerships as well as providing daily words of wisdom to encourage, motivate and inspire his followers. 

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How old is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin was born on August 21, 1983, which currently makes him 38 years old. We actually saw him celebrate his 36th birthday on Bling Empire back when the show was being filmed in 2019. 

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What is Kevin Kreider's job?

As well as being a cast member on Bling Empire, Kevin Kreider is a model who has been featured in publications like Men's Health and Men's Fitness, as well as in campaigns for the likes of Gillette and Peloton, according to his website (opens in new tab). He has also appeared in other TV shows including Dating After College and was even the focus of a documentary called The Ugly Model. 

In 2018, he did a TED Talk called "Redefining Asian Masculinity (opens in new tab)," which went viral. In it, he opens up about being bullied for his Asian heritage and having a skinny figure. “I imagine a world where Asian men can give wholeheartedly, be vulnerable, share, love, receive love, be limitless in what they do to their communities and for their communities not because of a stereotype,” he said. “And I also imagine a world where Asian men can be cool, be seen as cool, sexy, fun, just like any other race.”

It was actually one of his videos on Asian masculinity that connected him to the Bling Empire circle. Kevin told Bustle that Kelly got in touch with him after watching them, and told him they should meet up if he was ever in LA. 


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What is Kevin Kreider's net worth? 

While there were rumors Kevin has a net worth of $10 million, he actually discredited that recently. Speaking to CNBC's Make It (opens in new tab), he said: "I’ll let everybody know when that [his net worth being in the millions] does happen."

Referencing the years he was in credit card debt ($26,000 to be exact), he added: "For a long period of time, I felt like my most successful years was when I was a personal trainer. And now after the show, I see that my most successful times are still yet to come. And they’re happening right now.”

Although he has a while to go until he's as rich as his castmates (we believe in you, Kev!), he's finally renting a place just for himself—paying $1,700 for his 515 square-feet apartment. Not quite the $19,000 Jamie Xie said she pays for her place, but he says it still feels like a "luxury."

Kevin's stress-induced condition is the reason he moved to LA

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Kevin struggled with alopecia areata—stress hair loss—when he was 30. While he also sought medical help, the model credits meditation (maybe he had the help of the best meditation apps?), a better workout schedule including strength training, a paleo diet, and yes—moving out of New York to LA.

But before settling in Los Angeles, he actually had the time of his life by skateboarding from LA to New York City. At the time, he spoke about how losing his hair impacted his life, telling local news reporters (opens in new tab): "Being a model and an actor, you’re very appearance-based. That’s all I knew. To lose it all in two weeks was very life-changing for me." 

He also documented the project on his IndieGoGo site (opens in new tab), where he explained that he also hoped "to find out what it means to be Asian American and have dates with women in rural America who perhaps have only experienced stereotypes of Asian men to find out what they think of interracial dating".

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