This is how much it would really cost to live the Bridgerton dream

It seems the Bridgerton residences are just as costly as they appear

BRIDGERTON, center: Golda Rosheuvel, Shock and Delight', (Season 1, ep. 102, aired Dec. 25, 2020)
(Image credit: photo: Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection via Alamy)

Fans of Netflix’s period drama will no doubt have been impressed by the Bridgerton residences. Not only are the Bridgerton filming locations spectacular, but the show has brought the combinations of exterior and interior locations together brilliantly to give us homes like the Bridgerton residence and the Duke’s residence. 

Owned by the titular Bridgerton family and the wealthy Duke of Hastings respectively, it’s easy for show fans to get swept away. After all, who doesn’t want to live like the Bridgerton characters? 

But with viewers across the world now wishing they could also live the high-society lifestyle shown on screens, they might be wondering how achievable that would be. Now new research by regulated property buyers, Good Move reveals the average house prices of locations featured in the hit Netflix series.  

This is how much it would reportedly cost for you to live out your Bridgerton fantasy in a home similar to your favorite characters... 

The Bridgerton Residence

The home of the titular Bridgerton family might be a dream for many Bridgerton fans, but when it comes to how much it would cost to make the move, it’s unsurprisingly expensive. For the Netflix period drama two different locations were used. Ranger’s House, an art museum in Greenwich South East London, acts as the exterior of the home. 

Here the average property in this area will set you back around $823,305.29 (£605,069). Even if you’re looking for an apartment in the Bridgerton residence’s area, this will reportedly cost you over half a million dollars - $666,671.97 (£489,955), so it’s definitely one of the pricier locations! 

And if you’re still eager to live the Bridgerton dream - that’s not the only location used. RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire was also used as the interior backdrop of the Bridgertons’ home. 

The average property near the Royal Air Force station is only slightly more affordable. Here the average property costs around $655,639.58 (£481,847).

The Featherington Residence

If your favourite Bridgerton residence is the Featheringtons’ home then Bath, Somerset is the area for you. No 1 Royal Crescent, a museum in the city of Bath, acted as the front doors of their magnificent home. The average house price in this area stands at around $701,124.39 (£515,275). 

But if it’s the interiors you’re more drawn to, Hatfield House in Hertfordshire was the interior filming location for the Featherington residence. Around this area, the average amount it would cost you to buy a property is thought to be a huge $961,615.69 (£706,717). Of course, the historic home itself isn’t for sale - who could imagine the cost if it was? 

The Duke of Hastings’ Residence

For those whose Bridgerton dream focuses around the handsome Duke of Hastings, it might surprise you to learn that three filming locations were used for this grand home. Wilton House in Salisbury was used as the location of both the exterior and some of the interiors of the home. 

Despite the beauty of this home, the average property in this area stands at a more affordable price of $416,723.22 (£306,261), compared to many of the other areas. 

As for the other two filming locations, Badminton House in Gloucestershire and Syon House in Brentford were both also used for the Duke of Hastings’ impressive residence. Properties here will set you back over half a million dollars each, at around $738,917.27 (£543,050) and $716,072.82 (£526,261) respectively. 

It seems living out the Bridgerton dream in these areas will mean some serious spending. 

Lady Danbury’s Residence

Simon, Duke of Hastings (played by Regé-Jean Page) and his mentor Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) aren’t just close in Netflix’s Bridgerton. Their residences were also filmed at the same locations! Both Badminton House and Wilton House also served as the interiors of Lady Danbury’s home. 

Meanwhile, the exterior of this grand residence was filmed at the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath, where the average home in the area is thought to be valued at $667,096.50 (£490,267).

The Queen’s Residence

Queen Charlotte is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous characters in the whole of Netflix’s Bridgerton. So it’s no surprise that if you want to live the Bridgerton dream in the area where she resides, it’s going to cost you. 

It seems that when it comes to finding a filming location for a queen’s residence, only an actual palace would do. The exterior of Queen Charlotte’s home was filmed at Hampton Court Palace. 

Living near this real palace would reportedly cost around $868,369.65 (£638,188)! Once again, Wilton House was used for some interiors of the palace with the remaining scenes filmed from Lancaster House in London. 

And this area is even more expensive - the average residence here will reportedly cost a staggering $2,243,221.13 (£1,648,603). Though perhaps that’s only fitting for a Queen’s local area, after all. 

The Duke and Duchess’ Residence

Avoiding any spoilers for those who might not have watched the whole of Bridgerton yet, Clyvedon Castle is the glamorous residence of two characters after they marry. Unfortunately for Bridgerton fans, it doesn’t actually exist in real life. However, the stunning filming location for the exteriors of the Duke and Duchess’ residence is Castle Howard in York. 

Here the average property value is reportedly around $589,250.64 (£433,056). This is certainly expensive, but slightly more affordable if you want to live near such a magnificent stately home. 

Both Wilton House and Badminton House make appearances as some of the interiors of the fictional Clyvedon Castle. 

The rest of the interiors, however, can be found at North Mymms Park in Hatfield, with the average property price being $961,615.69 (£706,717). 

Who would've thought it would cost this much to live the Bridgerton dream?