Bad news for Bridgerton fans: Season 2 has been suspended indefinitely

If you're burning for more regency romances, you'll have to be patient


Looks like Regency romps are shelved indefinitely: Bridgerton filming has been for suspended for the second time in a week, and unfortunately, there's no telling when the production of the romance series will heat up again. 

According to Deadline, Netflix's steamy sensation halted activity on July 15 after a crew member tested positive for Covid. Shortly thereafter, another member of the team—who has not been identified—also tested positive for Covid. As a result, an indefinite production pause is in place, and there's no telling how this will affect Bridgerton season 2 quite yet. (We apologize in advance for the dreadful news.) 

Although Netflix has not commented on the suspension, Deadline further reveals that the heavyweights at Shondaland, the production company responsible for the smash hit, is currently working on a timetable to figure out when it'll be safe to continue working on season 2 (which has a new female lead, by the way). We are all crossing our fingers for the team's safe return, especially as the Coronavirus Delta variant picks up steam across the UK.

Bridgerton has been a savior for many a Netflix subscriber throughout lockdown (a subtle 82 million households worldwide have tuned in, but who's counting) and has shed a new light on the romance genre. It has even earned 12 Emmy nominations. Fans were displeased to learn of Regé Jean- Page's Bridgerton exit, but anticipation around the next chapter still abounds. 

Since our Netflix queues are likely to be affected slightly, we'll have to keep ourselves preoccupied in the meantime. We recommend indulging in the Bridgerton books in order during your next beach visit and putting the Bridgerton soundtrack on your Spotify playlist so that you're transported back in time to a fancy ball alongside Daphne and the Duke.

Still looking for something sexy on TV? Fortunately, Netflix has you covered. The streaming service's most recent romance-novel-turned-series, Sex/Life, brings the raunchiness back to modern day, but it's certainly getting a lot of attention, especially for that, um...big part by Adam Demos

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

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