Horoscopes reveal the ColourPop Astrology Collection is a must for your makeup bag

Your new beauty routine is written in the stars, thanks to the ColourPop Astrology Collection

ColourPop tender loving cancer shadow palette
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Add a cosmic spin to your beauty routine with the ColourPop Astrology Collection. Those 2022 horoscope predictions indicate we're in for major change this year—and the same goes for your makeup bag. 

If you're in search of the best eye shadow palettes or want to snag a new lip gloss, the zodiac-inspired goodies feature shimmery neutrals, light pinks and sparkly reds.

The offerings channel the best traits of each star sign: think blue eyeshadows for Pisces, our emotional water sign, and warm hues in the Leo lip and eye set, which is perfect for the bold fire sign

Whatever your birth chart indicates, this collection has you covered. Don't be afraid to mix and match, though—if you see something you like with a sign you square, conjunct and so forth, give it a whirl. The professionals assure that astrology compatibility allows any zodiac combination to work. 

Ready to start shopping?

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Check out some of our favorite selections from the ColourPop Astrology Collection and stock up your vanity accordingly. Truthfully, we'll need one of everything

ColourPop Head Capricorn in Charge Shadow Palette ( $9

ColourPop Head Capricorn in Charge Shadow Palette ($9

A cool-toned palette with "Hustle Hard," a metallic silver with a gold sheen, "Play Hard," a metallic gold champagne, "Ambition," a matte cool taupe and "Independent," a matte espresso.

, $15

ColourPop, Sweet as Pisces Eye & Lip Set ($17, $15

A dreamy combo for the equally dreamy Pisces! A soft-peach lipgloss perfectly complements the four eyeshadow shades: "Healing Water," a metallic lavender with a golden teal duo-chrome effect, "Almost Psychic," a metallic bright teal with a gold duo-chrome sheen, "Empath Much," a matte pale nude, and "Dreamer," a matte peachy nude. 

ColourPop, Eternal Flame Lux Gloss ( $8

ColourPop, Eternal Flame Lux Gloss ($8

Ideal for the fieriest members of the zodiac, this glossy coral red has hints of gold

If you or a loved one is in tune with the celestial happenings, you'll want to check out other gifts astrology fans love!

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