The moment has finally come—Jake Gyllenhaal responds to ‘All Too Well’

And it's NOT what you were expecting

Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal, All Too Well response
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So, Jake Gyllenhaal. "All Too Well" has been on your mind, huh? 

After Red (Taylor's Version) hit stream waves and the 10-minute-long rendition of "All Too Well" gained traction, Swifties were quick to set their sights on the actor who was allegedly responsible for the songstress' broken heart. 

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Red memes flooded the internet and fans were convinced clues in the cryptic singer's lyrics were targeted at her short-lived romance with Gyllenhaal. 

One of the best breakup songs (and its subsequent short film) has been a living nightmare for the 41-year old actor, considering he has been the target of social media backlash as a result, or as a new Esquire interview says, "the internet's punching bag." 

So, what does he really think of the breakup anthem? At long last, he's giving the public the intel it has been waiting for, but it's not quite the tell-all you might have been hoping for.

Jake Gyllenhaal 'All Too Well' response

In the new Esquire sit-down, Gyllenhaal discusses everything from his recent roles to new relationship (though he likes to keep details on the down-low) and yes, what he really thinks about Swift's ode to their broken love. 

"It has nothing to do with me. It’s about her relationship with her fans," he tells the outlet. "It is her expression. Artists tap into personal experiences for inspiration, and I don’t begrudge anyone that."

Though he keeps things casual and civil, in true Gyllenhaal fashion, writer Eric Sullivan seemingly presses on, attempting to learn his thoughts on the anthem.

"At some point, I think it’s important when supporters get unruly that we feel a responsibility to have them be civil and not allow for cyberbullying in one’s name," Gyllenhaal says.

The actor continues: "That begs for a deeper philosophical question. Not about any individual, per se, but a conversation that allows us to examine how we can—or should, even—take responsibility for what we put into the world, our contributions into the world. How do we provoke a conversation?"

Swift's breakup coping mechanism is laying it all out for fans to decipher, though that comes with consequences for her subjects. Overall, it seems things are fairly civil between the two and, heck, maybe this 10-year-old feud will finally be put to rest.

But perhaps the biggest question of all—above Swift and Gyllenhaal's stance and how an artist's power impacts society—is whether or not this girl will ever get her scarf back? Here's hoping!

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