Love Island fans over the moon that Indiyah and Dami can couple up after Ikenna and Amber's exit

Viewers were ecstatic that Dami and Indiyah could finally work on their romance

Indiyah and Dami on Love Island
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At the start of Tuesday night's episode of Love Island UK 2022, we saw the elimination of Ikenna and Amber after they received the lowest votes from the public. Whilst it certainly appeared to go in Dami and Indiyah's favor for their potential romance, the two did feel guilty that they weren't able to let Amber and Ikenna know about their interest in one another.

In the past couple of episodes, Dami has been vocal about his interest in Indiyah, even pulling her aside to reveal his feelings (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up). 

Although some fans were sad to see Amber and Ikenna leaving, many were more excited that Dami and Indiyah could work on their relationship, now that their villa partners had left.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Okay Dami and Indiyah it's time for y'all to shine! #LoveIsland."

A second said: "I need Dami and Indiyah to understand this dumping was for them to prosper. So both must fulfil the assignment #LoveIsland."


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Others commented: "Now it’s time for Indiyah and Dami to get together and fall deeply in love," "Dami you better run to Indiyah asapp #LoveIsland," and "Operation Dami and Indiyah is in full effect now!!! #LoveIsland."

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One questioning moment in the episode however, was when Ikenna revealed that the two people he would miss in the villa the most, were Dami and Amber—despite Amber standing right next to him. It was certainly telling that he didn't mention Indiyah, even though he was coupled up with her and claiming that he was interested in her the entire time.

Jay also told Ekin-Su that if she had gone, he would have left with her, to which Ekin replied that she would have to. However the next day, Jay revealed in the Beach Hut that he wasn't sure if Ekin-Su was 100% the girl for him and even asked Gemma who she thought would be open to getting to know him in the villa.

It appears as though fans weren't the only ones looking forward to Dami and Indiyah's romance. The other islanders including—Andrew, Tasha, Paige and Luca—all made comments in regards to the two getting a move on with their relationship.

Doing just that on the villa's game night, Dami chose Indiyah when he had to choose the person he would most likely want to be in the Hideaway with and Indiyah kissed Dami when she had to pick who she fancied the most. Certainly enjoying their company, the pair also enjoyed a kiss after the game. We have to say, we love these two together!

Gemma and Danica on Love Island

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The game also showed Jay kiss Paige when he had to choose the girl he would couple up with if he wasn't with his current partner. Things were slightly even more awkward when the rest of the islanders chose Paige and Jacques to go into the Hideaway over them.

Positions in the Love Island villa are certainly changing. From Ekin-Su not being as front and center, to Indiyah smiling from ear to ear with Dami, you never know what can change on the island...

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