Love Island fans say Dami has ruined his position in the villa

Viewers were left disappointed with many of the boys after the six new girls entered the villa

Dami on Love Island
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One thing about this series of Love Island UK 2022 is that the guys are certainly getting to know the Casa Amor ladies.

From Andrew making out with Coco to Dami enjoying a kiss with Summer on the terrace, there hasn't been much loyalty in the villa.

However, out of all the boys, one person that has remained faithful to their coupling is Luca, who stated that his head was completely fixed on Gemma (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up). Jay is also the only guy who is single and is enjoying his time with Chyna.

At the start of Tuesday night's episode, Jacques revealed that he was open to getting to know Mollie and Cheyanne, leaving Dami a little too excited. Many of the fans expressed their disappointment in the guys, especially Dami who was in a fan-favorite couple with Indiyah.

One person said: "Just wait till the public vote Dami #LoveIsland."

A second wrote: "I loved u Dami, why are u doing this #LoveIsland?"

"If Dami picks Summer over Indiyah they won't be staying in that Villa long loool #LoveIsland," a third commented.

Another said: "Jaques and Dami egging each other on is so vile. Not a loyal bone in their bodies #LoveIsland."

Others wrote: "I don't think I want Dami with Indiyah anymore #loveisland," "Dami doing a madness #LoveIsland,"and "Really don’t like the way Dami is tooooo gassed over the prospect of having a ‘test’ and the way he’s egging Jacques on sm #LoveIsland."

While the girls are getting to know the new Casa Amor guys, none apart from Tasha and Danica (who is single), have kissed the new boys outside of challenges. The girls even went on to say that they were missing the original boys in the villa, and Paige told Billy that she only saw him as a friend.

Casa Amor

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Certainly bringing the awkwardness in Tuesday's episode, Samuel told Paige that it appeared that she liked Jacques more than he liked her. Although she put on a brave face in the discussion, Paige became emotional when speaking about it to Ekin-Su and Gemma, who both assured her that it only mattered what she thought about the relationship.

However based on the teaser for Wednesday night's episode, things aren't looking too good. Jacques can be seen kissing Cheyanne and Andrew appears to be breaking down in tears.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night!

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