'Get a grip': Love Island fans share fury at Movie Night disappointment

Love Island viewers were left very angry as the long-awaited Movie Night was only shown for a few minutes of Friday night's episode

Movie Night on Love Island
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Love Island viewers were left furious following Friday night's episode of Love Island UK 2022, as the long-awaited and hugely-anticipated Movie Night challenge was shown for only a few minutes after kicking off towards the end of the episode.

The episode carried on from the eviction cliffhanger we were left with Thursday night (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up), showing Coco and Josh leaving the villa after receiving the lowest votes from the public.

While Billy cried as his best friend Josh left, Tasha was also overcome with emotion due to being in the bottom three once again. Although Paige, Gemma and Andrew consoled her, the rest of the islanders felt that Tasha should have been more happy about the fact that she and Andrew had just become a couple.

Love Island 2022 contestants Josh and Coco leaving the villa with their suitcases

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Certainly not holding back, Luca then told Tasha that she should have been more focused on her relationship, to which Tasha got even more upset. Thankfully, Andrew and Dami were there to cheer her up, while Gemma explained to Luca that he didn't need to speak to her when she was already feeling down.

Clearing the air, Luca and Tasha spoke the next day. But despite Luca apologizing, he still remained firm in his belief that Tasha had more things to be thankful for in regards to her relationship with Andrew.

While the Tasha and Luca drama was a little entertaining, many viewers were more excited for the movie night that the Love Island first look teased earlier on in the day. And with only 15 minutes left of the episode from when Gemma got a text about the Movie Night reveal, many viewers weren't too pleased that we didn't get more of show on Friday night.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "The producers after making the movie night shorter than a tik tok and giving Tasha 20 mins of screen time just to cry #LoveIsland."

A second wrote: "We’re getting 5 minutes of movie night at this point #LoveIsland."

"They really gave us Tasha and Andrew crying for 40 minutes and 5 minutes of movie night #LoveIsland," another said.

Others commented: "Probably about 3 minutes left of movie night and its not even began yet this episode has been so dead #loveisland," "No because I really wouldn’t have watched this episode if I knew movie night was on Sunday #LoveIsland" and "@ the producers i just wanna talk??? 30 minutes of Tasha sobbing and Luca sucking toes and only 8 minutes of movie night the only thing we actually wanted to see?? GET A GRIP #loveisland."

Although we weren't shown much of Movie Night in tonight's episode, there were a couple of tense moments. 

Footage of Ekin-Su and George was played to the islanders and things got very heated when Ekin-Su was filmed telling George not to tell the guys in Casa Amor what took place in their bed the night before.

Ekin-Su on Love Island

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In addition to this, islanders saw George tell the rest of the guys that some action took place in his and Ekin-Su's bed. Looking furious, Davide's eyes were glued to the screen in shock, whilst Ekin-Su claimed that nothing happened. 

Another awkward moment was between Gemma and Luca, who wasn't impressed when he saw Billy and Gemma flirting. To make things worse, Luca was also shown when Dami 'read Gemma's mind' and said that her head would turn if someone else came into the villa, to which Gemma didn't deny.

Tune in for more on Sunday night's episode...we can't wait!

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