Love Island viewers worried for Ekin-Su and Davide if movie night returns

Will Ekin-De survive?

Ekin-Su and Davide on Love Island UK
(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

Love Island's Casa Amor has come to an end and what an end that was. The Casa Amor recoupling delivered on the promise of being one of the most epic episodes ever, leaving us with a total of nine couples—yes, nine!

What happened in the Love Island Casa Amor recoupling?

If you need a recap (here's how to watch Love Island UK), we started with Danica and Jay picking their new pairs—Josh and Chyna, respectively. Cute.

We then moved on to Davide, who decided to stick with Ekin-Su, who also entered alone—so they remained in the same couple. 

After that, the carnage began. First, it was Dami making his decision to prolong his Summer (yes, he actually tried to be cute with a pun...). The surprise came in the form of Indiyah walking in with Deji and it was clear from Dami's face he wasn't expecting it. Cue a heartbreaker battle between Dami and Indiyah but we think Indiyah took this one.

Indiyah and Deji on Love Island UK 2022 during Casa Amor recoupling

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Andrew also recoupled with Coco while Tasha entered with Billy. Finally, Jacques decided to stick with Paige, who was grinning from ear to ear when she saw him alone. But when host Laura Whitmore asked the dumped Casa Amor what they were thinking, Cheyanne spilled the beans and said how she had a steamy few days with Jacques. 

Will movie night return in Love Island 2022?

While we don't know if 'movie night' will be making a return in 2022, fans are worried about a certain couple if it does. While everyone else seems to roughly know what the other has done (although they might not know just how bad it was), Ekin-Su has made it seem like she was completely innocent in Casa Amor. 

However, fans haven't forgotten that something happened with George while they were in bed... and we can only imagine what Davide will think if he gets to see the footage.

Ekin-Su and Davide kiss during the Casa Amor recoupling on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

One fan wrote on Twitter: "movie night with ekin su and davides gonna be such a mess #LoveIsland".

"Ekin Su needs to be honest because we’re going to hear “Li-errrrrrrrrrrr” again at movie night if she don’t own up #LoveIsland", another said.

A third wrote: "If they have movie night and expose Ekin Su it’s actually all over for her #loveisland".

Time to get the popcorn out? We can't wait...

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