There's an app that can tell you exactly what your skin needs

No need to bid adieu to that dewy glow until next summer

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We welcome pumpkin spice season with open arms, but we don't appreciate any harsh temperatures threatening our dolphin skin look.  We all know that when the weather turns it can wreak havoc on our skin. and that switching up your beauty routine can sometimes be a guessing game. But, thankfully there is a host of new beauty tech—namely beauty apps—to help us give our skin exactly what it needs. 

Just when thought it was time to bid adieu to that dewy glow until next summer, Google Play's handy apps will ensure that you maintain a great skincare routine all season long, in turn keeping you fresh, hydrated, and healthy. Dry, cracked skin? We don't know her. 

The best apps for skincare enthusiasts

Whether you can't resist a new product or are considering investing in mini-fridges for skincare if you take your routine seriously and want to avoid dry, sensitive skin—especially now when the weather turns—have a look at the apps and their offerings.

Google Play, Skincare Routine, $3.99 (opens in new tab)

Google Play, Skincare Routine, $3.99 (opens in new tab)

Create a personalized skincare routine that keeps track of your products and how often you use them. This app also provides tips about how to use your items effectively and in a particular order, allows you to mark your skin's progress, and sets timers and notifications for all your wellness-related alerts.

Note that this is a one-time payment. 

Google Play, Artistry, Free (opens in new tab)

Google Play, Artistry, Free (opens in new tab)

Using smart facial detection, Artistry is able to assess your beauty and skincare needs via real-time or selfie photos. From personal recommendations to real-time makeovers, this app has it all—and it's all accessible right from the palm of your hand. 

Google Play, TroveSkin 2.0 Skincare Tracker, Free (opens in new tab)

Google Play, TroveSkin 2.0 Skincare Tracker, Free (opens in new tab)

Track your favorite products, receive skincare recommendations, identify skin triggers, track your routine progress, and more all thanks to TroveSkin 2.0, a dermatologist in virtual form. 

Be sure to revisit our dolphin skin trend tips to make sure you're feeling fresh, even when the winds pick up. Channel that glow 24/7/365!

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