'Succession' finale memes that made us laugh through our big Kendall tears

Sundays with the Roys are sadly over, but these funny 'Succession' finale memes graciously dull the grief, just a little bit

Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 10
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Still processing that shocking Succession finale? Memes and fan reactions have helped us come to terms with the fact that Succession season 4 has officially ended as of Sunday, May 28, and we'll no longer have our weekly check-ins with those entertainingly awful Succession characters that we know and begrudgingly love. 

That 90-minute Succession series finale may have wrapped up four seasons' worth of Waystar Royco drama—from what happened between Shiv and her baby daddy Tom Wambsgans (oof, that cringey hand-hold!), to that big, public Roy sibling smackdown in the middle of the company vote, to which member of the Waystar world actually won out in that game-changing GoJo deal (admit it, it was not who you expected)—but just because the HBO drama is dunzo doesn't mean that all the Roy-family fun is necessarily over. 

These funny memes and reactions to the show's last episode will cheer you up way more than that final park walk did for Kendall. (And BTW, these shows like Succession should fill that hole in your heart-slash-TV schedule, in case you want even more corporate shenanigans and rich-people problems.)

*Warning: spoilers for the Succession finale are obviously ahead!*

The funniest 'Succession' finale memes from social media:

We'll have one Hailey Bieber Erewhon smoothie, please!

We (and our pimple patches) feel very attacked right now

Us to our tired brain cells after one sip of coffee

Checking in with the technician after a bikini wax appointment

BRB, feeling a lot of feelings about that ending

Do you think this is what Will and Harry's fights are like?

We aren't beholden to what we say when we're hormonal

Stewy Hosseini = if "minding my business" was a person

Getting our 10,000 stomps, we mean, *steps* in

Let's give a hand to Matthew Macfadyen, everybody!

Next Sunday night when we having nothing to watch

Did your "how will Succession end?" theories come true or were you just as surprised as we were by the drama's grand finale? If you still can't say goodbye to Logan, Kendall, Shiv, Roman, Connor & Co., you can rewatch all four seasons of Succession on HBO and Max.

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