This heavy foundation challenge is dividing the internet

The challenge has racked up 105 million views and counting on TikTok – but are you a fan?

woman applying foundation
(Image credit: twinsterphoto via Getty Images)

A heavy foundation challenge is the latest beauty trend to go viral on TikTok, and it's safe to say it's getting mixed opinions from social media users. 

TikTok is of course the place where anything goes when it comes to beauty. The app has brought us everything from space girl make-up and DIY dark circles, to rice water for hair and this life changing liquid eyeliner hack

Started by TikTok user Meredith Duxbury, the video that kicked off the challenge has more than 5 million likes on the app, while the hashtag #thefoundationchallenge has more than 105 million views. That's no small feat. 

Simply put, the challenge involves applying primer, a thick (THICK) layer of foundation layered on with the end of a make-up brush and rubbed in with both hands. Then, another layer of foundation is applied using a dropper before blending in with a make-up sponge before applying the rest of your make-up. It's called a heavy foundation challenge for a reason, OK? Watch Meredith's original video for yourself below.


Let’s officially begin the Meredith Duxbury Foundation Challenge! Use #thefoundationchallange and tag me! I’ll be picking my fav, goodluck! ❤️💋

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Opinion on the Meredith Duxbury foundation challenge is well and truly divided. Some TikTok users are low key obsessed with the challenge and its flawless results. "The real queen of foundation respect," wrote one, while another added, "@tiktok make her verified already".

However, others added, "Bruh that is way too much foundation," and "NO NO NO THATS TOO MUCH MAKEUP."

One thing that is worth noting is that your make-up bill would go up considerably if you wore this look on the regular. That's a lotta, lotta foundation right there. 

Whatever your opinion of the foundation challenge, you can't deny that these videos are pretty mesmerizing. Although I will say that the thought of my hands covered in that much foundation does make me a little nervous...