DIY dark circles are the latest beauty craze to go viral on TikTok

We spent years covering them up only for them to become a beauty trend years later

woman applying eye cream under eyes
(Image credit: honey_and_milk via Getty Images)

As someone who has spent more hours than I care to count covering mine up with concealer in the mornings, the new dark circles TikTok trend feels a bit against the grain. But hey, that's the beauty of beauty, folks!

This is of course the app that has popularized pretty much everything from space girl make-up to rice water for hair, slugging skincare and this winged liner hack . It really is the place where anything goes.

Gen Z-ers are currently taking to the social media app to share tutorials on how to create your own dark under eye circles, using lipstick, eyeshadow or blush. I guess that's what happens if you don't have your own au naturel version 24/7. Think of it as this year's answer to faux freckles, if you will.

Considering that the Gen Z aesthetic is a more grungy version of 90s beauty trends and many of them like to embrace a natural beauty look, it isn't a total surprise that this is taking off.

One video has amassed more than five million views and a million likes, in which user @sarathefreeelf creates her own dark circles using a lip crayon – and despite years of concealer usage, we're actually into it.



Natural dark circles are usually hereditary, but can be exacerbated by things like allergies, a lack of sleep or not drinking enough water. We're all for embracing them, either way!

It just goes to show that anything can be a beauty trend if you put your mind to it –  although this would be a very brief tutorial if it came from me.

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