What exactly is vabbing, TikTok's intimate new trend?

Vabbing is perhaps more questionable than the whole 'lube as primer' fad that just made the rounds

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Questionable practices take place on FYPs. Enter "vabbing," one of the latest trending hashtags on TikTok to leave us a bit puzzled.  

We were concerned when those attempting the dolphin skin trend resorted to using lube as base makeup. Then there was the whole obsession with rubbing under your tongue. Now, vabbing has truly catapulted us into suspicious territory. 

So, what exactly is going on with this fad? Allow us to fill you in.

What is vabbing?

It's exactly like it sounds—a mixture of vagina and dabbing, vabbing requires you to use your vaginal fluid as a fragrance, in the event our list of the best perfume for women didn't strike your fancy. Once you've gathered enough fluid, you're required to tap it on erogenous zones like the inside of your wrists and behind the ear.

The trend all started with Mandy Lee's video, which has now garnered well over one million views, and it suggests that this new tactic is the perfect way to find a lover. Before TikTok entered the picture, sexologist Shan Boodram added vabbing to our sexual vernacular in 2019, according to Healthline

Guess it's kind of like nature's answer to arousal serum? Should we purchase a refillable perfume atomizer? Some users are not entirely convinced. (See below.) 


Oh boy these trends are just …:ummm. But seriously 🤯🤯

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We're not sure this ranks as the most complimented fragrances, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a no-go. Healthline further reports that this tactic isn't unsafe, according to science, but it could problematic if you're experiencing an infection like a UTI

Dr. Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a cosmetic gynecologist, does bring up a few valid points.  

"If you use dirty fingers inside your vagina to collect discharge, you can not only potentially traumatize the tissue in your vagina and but also spread infection. Dirty fingers could also cause BV or thrush," she said in a statement. 

Vabbing prank

One TikToker was so taken aback by the trend that she decided to trick her husband with this now-viral vabbing prank. 


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If you're looking for a way to kick things up a notch without the au natural fragrance, have a look at our sexpert-backed tips for how to reset your sex life and master the best foreplay ideas

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