What's going on between Alexandra Hall and Kayla Cardona on 'Selling The OC'?

Do we have a friendship breakup on our hands?

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Were you really expecting smooth sailing in the O Group office? 

Alexandra Hall and Kayla Cardona got off to an affable start in the  Selling Sunset spinoff, but as the debut season progressed, tensions grew. Do we have an impending friendship breakup on our hands? 

The root of the drama stems from that almost-smooch between Kayla and her colleague, Tyler Stanaland—one of the buzziest topics on the new Netflix series. But as you'll soon realize, a not-kiss between two people turns into an office affair in the Oppenheim Group. 

So, what really happened between these colleagues and where do they stand now? Let's get to the bottom of the debate. 


Alexandra Hall and Kayla Cardona—how it started

Alexandra Hall and Kayla Cardona from selling the oc in a luxurious house

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Cardona is not only a newbie to reality TV, but she's only been working in the real estate industry since 2019. Hall comes from a background in interior design and has worked for organizations like Christie's International Real Estate and Southeby's prior to nailing a job at the O Group. 

As you'll see in the first episode, when Hall hosts a pizza-making party with her peers, everyone opens up about their love lives, personal issues and so on. This is where Cardona gets candid about her struggles as a teen mom, and the hurt she experienced when her parents turned their back on her. 

Through this anecdote, we catch a glimpse of Hall with a few tears in her eyes. It seems the two have connected and opened up to one another. But in true reality TV fashion, things seem to head south. 

What went wrong

By now you know all the messy details of the almost-kiss between Cardona and Stanaland, Brittany Snow's husband. Though the incident actually happened twice, Cardona wanted to put the mishap behind her. 

Though she fleshed things out with Stanaland, the rest of the crew—Hall included—became involved and claimed the interaction put them in a bad position. Additionally, Hall allegedlly told various sources that Stanaland's discomfort to socialize with the group after the flirtation is what led her to get in between things. 

Then there's the co-listing that required the two to work in tandem, and Hall also alleged that she did more than her fair share of the work. 

Alexandra Hall and Kayla Cardona

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Where do they stand now?

The incessant need to bring up this not-kiss ultimately made Cardona realize she had put her faith in the wrong people. Dynamic duo Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis stuck up for her, and she had originally thought they were trying to stir the pot. 

In both interviews and social media posts, Cardona has expressed her regret in putting her faith in the wrong people.

"It was very disappointing to watch the scenes where I wasn't there or if I was there, and they're talking about me behind my back, and I had no idea,” she told Women's Health. “I clearly trusted in the wrong people. And again, I don't regret anything—you live and learn. Where I stand with them? We're cordial."

Time will tell how things will progress for all staff members. Here's hoping for Selling The OC season 2, and perhaps a new almost-kiss to worry about. 

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