Are these Sexy Beasts couples still together? Here's who blindly fell in love—and fell apart

Things took a turn when the masks came off—are the Sexy Beasts couples still together?

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The bonkers Netflix series brought up many questions, one of which is: Are the Sexy Beasts couples still together? And, is it really possible to fall in love based on personality alone? Judging from the buzzy experimental dating series, looks seem to play a pretty hefty role in the courtship process. 

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead!*

Sexy Beasts is the reality show that caught everyone’s attention when it debuted on July 2st, thanks to its lifelike prosthetics and air of mystery. Contestants are briefly transformed into an animal or character (we’re particularly fond of the devil selection) and set up on three blind dates with potential suitors, all of whom are also in costume and heavy makeup. No one finds out what their dates look like until the dater in question selects his or her match.

If a sexy cricket doesn't do it for you or you're not terribly keen on sharing a smooch with an extraterrestrial, you're going to have to rely pretty heavily on interactions while on Sexy Beasts. As it turns out, it's not all fun and games when the masks come least for the participants. (For viewers, it's another story!) 

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Are the Sexy Beasts couples still together?

Don't get terribly invested in the show's inter-species romances. Unlike Sexy Beasts' counterparts Love Is Blind, there aren't many success stories with this series' blind-date approach. (Are we surprised?!)

1. Bennett Reeber (Mandrill) and Emma Papatzanki (Devil)

Meet Emma Papatzanki (@emmapapatzanaki (opens in new tab))—an NYC-based model and digital creator who undergoes a hellish transformation in the pursuit of love. The devil incarnate was paired up with West Coast actor and self-proclaimed mama's boy, Bennett Reeber (@bennettcangetit (opens in new tab)), who donned a mandrill costume. It seems as though these two aren't keeping up with one another, and apparently, there's quite a bit about their date that we won't get to experience on screen.

"There is SO MUCH that you don’t know about what happened after the cameras cut off...I’m not really sure what I can and can’t say and I’m still trying to be patient in gathering my thoughts and feelings before I post anything else," Bennett wrote on Instagram (opens in new tab). Here's hoping we find out!

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2. James León (Beaver) and Alexis Ortiz (Leopard)

Another East Coast-West Coast love story: James León (@shinobijames (opens in new tab)) is an actor in LA and earning a degree in biology. He and Alexis Ortiz (@alexis_y_ortiz (opens in new tab)), a musician in NYC, are not currently in a relationship. In fact, judging from Alexis' Instagram, she's found love with someone entirely different. Wonder if they had an unusual meet-cute they can share! 

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3. Tyler Smith (Alien) and Kariselle Snow (Panda)

We are remaining somewhat hopeful when it comes to Tyler Smith (@tylersmithwho (opens in new tab)) and Kariselle Snow (@kariselle (opens in new tab)). Although the two are on opposite ends of the country, the LA actor and former Miss New Jersey contestant apparently talk to one one another via social media, but their romance doesn't appear to have escalated beyond virtual flirtation.

In an emotional Instagram post—which seemingly keeps a lot under wraps—Tyler wrote (opens in new tab) "Don’t live for the perfect moment, make the moment perfect" before including the #SexyBeasts hashtag. 

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4. Ibrahim (Wolf) and Gabi Mascaro (Owl)

Although Ibrahim seems to have successfully avoided Instagram, followers have eagle-eyed his date, Gabi Mascaro (@gabimascaro (opens in new tab)), a vet based in the UK. She appears to be in a relationship with someone other than Ibrahim, but sources allege that the two remain on friendly terms. 

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5. Mick Primmer (Rhino) and Nina Moglia (Dolphin)

It's all quiet on the Western front when it comes to Mick Primmer (@mickythemonkeyman (opens in new tab)) and Nina Moglia (@ninalamoglia (opens in new tab)). We'll keep our fingers crossed that the rhino-dolphin duo cross paths romantically once more...without the wonky garb. They both are based in LA, so there's hope!

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6. Kelechi (Rooster) and Martha (Reindeer)

The status is TBD with these two, but considering they live across the pond from one another, we'll assume that Kelechi (@klechy (opens in new tab)) and Martha (@marthaarmitageofficial (opens in new tab)) aren't doing the long distance thing...until we hear otherwise.

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